Does Career Day Really Work?


Career Day is an event that many schools undertake, but does it really work?

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Being a high school student can be stressful. It consists of AP exams, essays and finals that can determine a class grade, or a CIF game your senior year. While these are all huge events in high schoolers days on campus, they do not account for what goes on in the outside world. After high school comes college. With college comes picking the right major that will lead to a fulfilling job. Without knowing what jobs are out there, it could be hard to pick the right major and career.

This last week Yorba Linda High School had their annual Career Day. The school was filled with a diverse group of occupations and employees giving advice on what their jobs would offer. From dogs who came with Paws ‘n’ Claws, to the Ochoa Brothers that came along with a movie industry speaker, the students were entertained with career ideas that could possibly impact their futures.

While all of the occupations were interesting, students can not help but wonder if Career Day is that helpful. Yorba Linda High School is only able to get limited volunteers to speak, this leaves many careers that never get spoken about.  For example, this year there were no occupations that had to do with fitness, a career that some students would love to pursue. So is this hour and a half worth your time if your interests go untouched?

According to Lauren Madigan (12), she does not think that seniors “get that much out of the day.” By now seniors have an idea of what they want their occupation to be, so this time could be spent on learning instead of listening to careers they have no interest in.

While it seems to hold little interest for the upperclassmen, the underclassmen could really benefit from the day. Rachel Lasalle (10) believes that career day is a great idea for students in her grade. She thinks that “all schools should take part in Career Day because it helps students, who may not know what they want to do in their future, find a path in life.”

Overall, many students benefit from Career Day. It is beneficial for them to sit and listen to different occupations because it opens up new doors they may have never thought of. Others, however, do not find the time spent very useful. They would much rather be in a classroom locked away from the chaos that is usually incorporated with this day.