The Return Of Saturday Night Live is Finally Here



Above, Ryan Gosling poses for his First host position on “Saturday Night Live” since his first appearance in 2015.

Brandon Russell, Editor

After much anticipation, the much talked about night show “Saturday Night Live” has finally returned with season 43 on NBC. With the past season becoming a huge hit, the show starting this past year, provided its first ever summer edition. However, with Ryan Gosling and Jay Z hosting the very first episode of the regular 2017 season, fans and viewers couldn’t wait to see if this season can top the ones of the past; with much pressure, it did not one bit disappoint.


With much to cover since the season finale in May, the cast led by Alec Baldwin started off the season with what else but the famous Donald Trump and his recent political scandals and news that has been floating around since he got elected. According to Entertainment Weekly, the skit was provoked by the recent “Puerto Rican” development and misfortunes that have occurred. With Trump being portrayed as throwing paper towels at the people of Puerto Rico, the cast had nothing but a blast depicting harshly the crazy and unhinged life of the President of the United States. However, was continuously harassing President Trump the most intricate and entertainment driven thing to do?


According to Vulture news, “Saturday Night Live” possessed a dramatic 30 percent increase In viewer rating since that of last season, the many skits including Papyrus, where Gosling was depicted as an emotional and heartfelt character, to the most dramatic freak out over pasta, it was seen throughout this first episode that the show has been preparing all summer for this moment.


To get up on stage and showcase some of the most prevalent topics in our country without a doubt takes guts and desire. According to Entertainment Weekly, since Gosling’s last night show appearance was in 2015, he was provoked to star in this years SNL seasons due to the rise of his new movie The Blade Runner 2049. After proving himself worthy in his first appearance of being charming yet humorous in his characters, he came back to showcase his hidden humorous talents.


Possessing many controversial skits and depictions, Cameron Carlson (11) loves “watching the show to see all the controversial topics” going on in today’s world, and “see the funny spin in which the actors take” to their characters. With much to come from this upcoming season, including the performance of Jason Aldean and the mental health breakdown from Pete Davidson, viewers and talk show enthusiasts are anxious to see what this group of talented actors can put together next to add humor to the lives of Americans all across the country.