What Should Be Known About Le Pen

These are the two candidates running for President in France.

Courtesy of cnbc.com

These are the two candidates running for President in France.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

The French election which took place in two rounds left two candidates in the running: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. It was up to the French people to decide who to support. Of the two candidates, Le Pen is a far-right populist unlike Macron who is a far less extreme candidate. Despite being a former banker, Macron is still far more likely to become president. When observing Le Pen’s background and policies, it is understandable why.


For one, Le Pen has openly said that she wants France to leave the EU partially because she wants France to have stronger relations with Russia as well as to benefit the Russian economy. This is unfavorable to many countries, including France and the United States, who do not want to see Putin’s Russia become stronger. Russia’s president Putin uses fear to his advantage as well as nuclear missiles to prevent any opposition from different countries. If Le Pen’s reasoning behind leaving the Eu is partially to benefit Putin and help him gain power and influence, it could be bad news for all of Europe and the United States.


Le Pen also has a history of xenophobia and anti-Semitism. In the same way that Trump suggested to have an immigration ban in the US, Le Pen also wants to “cleanse’’ France of foreigners. Due to all the terrorist attack that have been occurring throughout France, xenophobia has been growing in many parts of France. Her policies are also appealing to younger citizens due to her promise to limit jobs for non-citizens and instead encourage the providing of jobs to those who are French. What is most shocking however, is not this policy, but how Le Pen has presented the subject. Her approach shows that inside, it is racism and religious discrimination that is powering her desires for the immigration ban, rather than the protection of the French people. When she says immigrant, what she really means is Islamic people. In one of her interviews, she even commented that she is completely against women being allowed to wear a hijab or yamakas or any object that would display a person’s religion. There are already laws in France that prevent people from wearing things affiliated with religion. Le Pen seems to target Muslims in particular. Mabel Ra(10) comments,”I think it is important for a country to be accepting of others.”


One last factor that is quite unsettling about Le Pen is her father, Jean- Marie Le Pen, who is the cofounder of the Front National. What is most shocking is something he said during an interview that the gas chambers used during the Holocaust were a mere detail of history. Though Marine Le Pen removed him as leader of the Front National recently, it is still frightening to think that Marine Le Pen could think the same way her father does. Hopefully, she opposes his views.


Overall, hopefully the French Presidential election will result in the election of Macron who, although he has less experience than Le Pen, still is the wiser choice for President.