The Electroclan Strikes Again

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Katie Toblesky, Photojournalist

Imagine having electric powers: reading minds, shooting lightning out of your fingers, removing pain, or even magnetism. In fiction book series Michael Vey, these are only a few of the powers that seventeen electric children possess.


There are currently six books in this series and a seventh will be  coming out in fall of 2017. The first book, Prisoner of Cell 25, was published in fall of 2011 by Richard Paul Evans; and each book after follows it by one year. Evans has revealed that there will be seven books total.  The story is about seventeen teenagers who have had unique electric powers since they were born because of a malfunction in an experiment not too far from the hospital they were born in. Because of Michael’s powers, he and his mother move constantly to keep hidden from a company called Elgen that wants to find all the electric children.


As the title implies, the main protagonist is Michael Vey. Out of all of the electrics, he is the most powerful. He has the ability to shock people through direct contact or through conduction.  Michael’s best friend is Ostin Liss, a Nonel (non-electric) who has an IQ of 155. Even though he has no powers, he helps Michael throughout the series. A few chapters into the first book, Michael meets a girl who also has electric powers: Taylor Ridley. She has the ability to scramble the electric synapses in the brain, which causes confusion to who ever she, as she likes to call it, “reboots.” The main antagonist in our story is Dr. Hatch, a power-hungry scientist who owns the Elgen and wants to use the electric children to rule the world.


In the first book, Michael describes his life as he and his mom try to keep hidden from the Elgen, who are searching for and gathering all seventeen electrics. Shortly after meeting Taylor, Michael’s mom is kidnapped by the Elgen. Our three protagonists go to search for her and to try to reason with the Elgen. In the process, they meet other electric children and make a few allies and a few enemies. After it was made official that they would work together, they began calling themselves the “Electroclan.” With their new allies, they continue throughout the series to both get Michael’s mother and stop Dr. Hatch’s plans, which mostly includes targeting small countries then continues to invade larger, more wealthy countries. If there’s one this this series isn’t short on, it’s travel.


On September 13, 2016, Evans published the sixth book in the Michael Vey series: The Fall of Hades. In a previous book, the Electroclan was contacted by someone who called himself “The Voice,” who is also going against the Elgen. The Voice works together with them to capture an Elgen ship that acts as a treasury. With this gone, the Elgen will suffer major financial problems.


It hasn’t been revealed what the next book title is yet, however, Evans can assure his fans that it will be an epic finale for the Electroclan.