Ups and Downs of “U” Tube


YouTube Sensations! Photo coutesy of Gazette Review

Grace KIM, Photojournalist

Pewdiepie, Smosh, Nigahiga, IISuperwomanII, Markiplier, Screen junkies…. These are all YouTube channels that have been attracting subscribers by the storm. Ever since February 14, 2005, a global sensation started with one video titled “Me at the Zoo” by Karmin.

Not only can anyone watch YouTube, but they can also record their own videos. According to Paige Richey (10), “YouTube has extremely varied content, so no matter what you like you can find something to watch.” Indeed, YouTube contains videos ranging from ant farming to the newest Hollywood gossip. During the interview, Mary Liu (10) listed her favorite youtubers as “Connor Franta, Wong fu production, Tyler Oakley,  Zoella, Screen Junkies, and Shane Dawson.” On the other hand, LeeAnn Burrows(10) fangirled over various K-pop music videos including “Exo, BTS, RedVelvet, Black Pink, Dean and Bobby.” With social medias like YouTube, people from one half of the world can communicate with someone on the opposite side. Statistics from DMR Stats show that six billion hours are spent on YouTube each month and 300 hours of new content are uploaded every minute, now that’s a lot of content! In fact, Justin Bieber’s Baby and PSY’s Gangnam Style has topped the charts as most viewed videos of the internet.

Evolution of youtubers can be clearly identified in the quality of the editing, the video, and the content. For an example, Nigahiga, aka Ryan Higa, made videos with his friends on topics like “How to be a Ninja”,  “How to be a Gangsta” and even “The Ipod Human.” Now, Nigahiga has grown to 18 million subscribers, and Ryan is working as a full time youtuber. Another example is MacBarbie07, aka Bethany Mota. Bethany Mota started her YouTube channel as an outlet to the constant bullying she received, but now Bethany is a role model for girls all throughout the globe.

YouTube has lit the fire to worldwide trends, such as: Psy’s “Horse Dance”, the Harlem Shake, and the Ice Bucket challenge. Literally, YouTube can be used for anything! Over the past years, this global video sharing website has been used to speak to a mass group of people. Whether it is asking a common question like, “What is the actual color of the dress?” or recording mass shootings that should no longer be denied, YouTube always reaches the “people” and in some cases it can bring a major problem into the spotlight. In the beginning, YouTube started as a recording of day to day vlogs, but now YouTube has evolved into a necessary internet outlet.