Hidden Beaches of Orange County

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

Some YLHS students think since summer is over that going to the beach is prohibited. When actually the weather is still perfect to go to the beach to enjoy the salty air and water. Of course, many students just go to Huntington beach because it’s the most popular and everyone just seems to go. Yet, Huntington beach is probably the most crowded beach no matter when you go because everyone knows about it and it’s in the open. There is so many more beaches near orange county that are much more secluded and hidden, and less likely to be overly crowded like Huntington.


1.Table Rock Beach, Laguna

It is a hidden beach tucked away in South Laguna Beach, CA that is well known to the locals (California Beaches). This beach can be a little challenging to find because the stairs you have to go through to get to it are located between two houses. Once you walk down all the stairs, it is totally worth it because of the amazing view. Also, on the south side of this beach, there is a rocky point that people climb over or swim in order to get to another hidden sandy beach. Even Mason Lindsey (11) voices “Table Rock Beach is possibly my favorite beach in OC because it is very secluded and I absolutely love swimming to the little cove on the other side.”


2.El Moro, Crystal Cove

This beach is so easy to miss if you’re cruising down PCH between Newport Beach and Laguna (ocregister). Once you get through the state park and walk through a concrete tunnel, you have arrived. The beach is not as secluded with it being three miles long and many lifeguards around. On the other hand, it is so much less crowded compared to major beaches in OC. It has many different rocks surrounding it that ranges from all sorts of sizes. Overall, this beach has many appealing characteristics.


3.Little Corona, Newport Beach

There is Corona Del Mar, the huge and overly crowded beach, that everyone in the whole entire OC knows about. Then there is Little Corona, which is like the little sister of Corona Del Mar. It is down the way at the end of a super steep and prestigious walkway. This beach has an intriguing rocky cove that invites people like Nick Archuleta (11) who voices “I love going to this cove because it is excellent for going snorkeling and tidepooling.”


4.Dana Strand Beach, Dana Point

This is another concealed beach that happens to be located in Dana Point, CA and at the base of a gated housing development called “The Strand.” It contains fine smooth sand that is a good sunbathing spot and has good waves for all the surfers out there. Also, it has a little boardwalk to walk along and do some sightseeing. Some days it is known that Catalina or dolphins, and other sea creatures are able to be seen. Many consider this beach “pure bliss” and a very relaxing beach to be (funocparks).

These are just a few of the many secluded beaches  everyone should attend during summer or the school year.