The Wrangler

Savannah Ortiz
Savannah Ortiz is a senior at Yorba Linda High School. As she approaches her second year in newspaper; she is overjoyed to create and display her art in this year’s, The Wrangler. She is determined to become more educated in the nursing field so that she can one day be an Obstetric Nurse. Her interests include: singing, acting, drawing, and doing makeup. Other extracurricular activities that Savannah is involved in are yearbook, musical theatre, makeup for school plays, volunteering at church camps, babysitting, starting middle blocker on Varsity Women’s Volleyball, coaching four to thirteen-year-olds, and a caregiver for a quadriplegic gentleman, who makes her smile every day. She is very excited and hopes to create more intricate art this year.

Savannah Ortiz, Artist

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Savannah Ortiz