Pretty Little Liars New Season?

Pretty Little liars (PLL) is the show everyone is raving about that has been an ongoing mystery for the past six years since its first airing. The whole show started with the “death” of Alison to the death of Charlotte, her transgender sister, and the many obstacles endured by the main girls, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily. After the last episode aired on August 30, 2016, “The Darkest Knight,” the ending did not really signify that it was the last episode due to the numerous amount of unanswered questions. One of these includes if Spencer is alive or not because the episode ends with Jenna shooting Spencer for revenge; yet, it is never fully explained whether she lives or not.


Troian Bellisario even stated, “Everything is going to be wrapped up. It’s so exciting” (E News). Of course, this does not really specify if Spencer is alive or will lie dead in the next possible season. According to the executive producer of PLL, there will be a back half of season seven in 2017 that will reveal Spencer’s emotional story (Hollywood Life). So, technically there is not going to be another full season but rather a second part to season seven. It was presumed that PLL would end forever this year because it has been going on for seven years and has to come to end sometime (E News). There has been rumors that there could possibly be a movie made in place of the last part of season seven to wrap up all of the unsolved mysteries in PLL. Lucy Hale (Aria) and the executive producer were both stirring up talk of a possible PLL movie to spin off the ending (Hollywood Life).


All these rumors are really ticking Pretty Little Liars watchers because that means “having to wait almost a year or a half year just to find out all the answers, which can be extremely challenging,” voices Devonna Qumsieh (11). Also, there has been talk that in the new half of the season it could be a “brand new cast taking the reigns in a spin off.” The executive producer explained this less likely to occur since the five main characters have formed a bond with the watchers that would be hard to break if they were just taken out (E News). Julia Mora (11) states, “The show would never be the same if they came back with a new season consisting of totally different people.” No matter what there is definitely going to be some form of an ending to Pretty Little Liars in 2017.