Selfie Coffee

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The selfie has become a vital component of modern pop culture and media. We see selfies all all over social media. The selfie has changed the way people take pictures forever. We no longer have to flip our cameras around and blindly take photos of ourselves.


Just when you thought that the selfie could not get any more widespread, Taiwan has found a way to take selfies to the next level and furthermore embrace the power of printing. This coffee shop in Taiwan has actually found a way to print people’s selfies straight into the coffee itself. The picture, using this new computer printing technology is translated into the cup in the form of colored foam.


Would you you buy a selfie coffee? It’s easy. You simply take a selfie by yourself or with your friends. Next, you upload the picture to the coffee shops computer while in the ordering process. Then, you wait while the printer releases the powders into the cup, creating the pictures on top of the coffee.


These coffee shops have become very popular in Taiwan and young people line up in front of these shops for the unique chance to print your face onto the drink. You might be thinking… Isn’t it weird to “drink” your face? Customers say that the first time is strange but mostly a funny experience to go through. Elwyn Cruz (11) said that he thinks that it would be “too weird to drink a picture of myself.” Certainly, this is a new idea that is intimidating to outsiders. However, it is only a matter of time before the United States begins to open shops like these.


The images that appear on these coffees are surprisingly lifelike and sharp, considering that it is being printed on a foam surface. These coffees are revolutionizing the selfie and are exploring new marketing opportunities. The selfie coffee costs slightly more than regular coffees, but most people say that the additional money is worth the price.


The best part is, you could even take a selfie with your selfie! Customers commonly take selfies with their selfie coffees and post them on social media? Is this taking the selfie game too far? This is up to your own judgement, but many believe is it a fun new avenue for the young people to explore. Next time you are drinking your coffee, think about how it would feel if you looked down and saw your own face.