Art Fundamentals


photo courtesy of Art Therapy

Lily Rajaee, Opinions Editor

Everyone knows that YLHS offers a wide range of excellent classes that inspire students to pursue their passion. One of these creative classes is the Art Fundamentals course here on campus. Taught by Ms. Carson or Ms. Fritz, Art Fundamental is a visual arts class that allows students to explore their creative nature and find new appreciation for art.


Kandiss Atencio (11) commented on why she likes the class by saying, “It gives me another way to express how I’m feeling.” Surely, art is a great way to express emotion through visual representation.


So what exactly do students do in the class? Basically, students learn both the techniques of creating art, as well as the history behind those techniques. Beginning with the basics of art, students learn how to visual shapes and be able to effectively translate it onto paper or canvas. As students learn a specific technique, they also study the origin of the technique and the history behind its creation.


There are many different areas of art, ranging from realism to abstract. The Art Fundamentals class tries to cover a wide variety of these genres in order to make sure students explore their interests in each area. Perhaps the most unique aspect about art is that it is unique for each individual; there is no piece of art that can be exactly replicated by another artist. Therefore, it is interesting to have a class in which students can be inspired by each other and create a mass of individual aesthetics and masterpieces.


This class is truly a great experience, not only because of its content, but also because it is simply fun. Students who want their visual arts credits and also have a busy schedule can take the course as a zero period class, so it is easy for students to incorporate this class into their schedule.


Thanks to our talented students, YLHS’s art program continues to grow and impress our community each year.