What can be better than 3D-Art?


Deborah You, Photojournalist

Beaded masks, animated heads, three-foot fish … what could be cooler than this? In 3D-Art, one can find their creative side and express their imagination by designing, painting, carving and shaping different sculptures and forms.


Currently, the 3D-Art class is working on their animated heads- where they are assigned to design a unique, imaginative sculpture like the faces one can see in animated movies such as Shrek and Spongebob. Ms. Fritz, the wonderful art teacher here at Yorba Linda High School, gives the students a couple weeks to finish the heads, then introduces a new project when the project is halfway done.


Another project that had been introduced in the beginning of the school year was the beaded mask. Whether it be positive or not, every student who has taken 3D-Art has an opinion on this tedious project. Assigned in September and due in June, each student is required to make a beaded mask consisting of elements of fire, wind, water, light and an animal characteristic in order to honor the traditional African beaded masks from past tribes. Although the process is long and tedious, once the beading process is started, it is difficult to put the mask down, since the designer will know the end product will be fascinating!


To better her students’ projects, Ms. Fritz goes out on the weekends to choose the specific color beads that each student desires and then buys extra supplies for the classrooms in order to ensure that no material has run out. As well as the weekends, she also takes care of her students by staying before school for her zero period, Art Fundamentals, as well as after school, even though she doesn’t have a 6th period class.


Caitlyn Jacob (12) says that her “favorite project would probably be the beaded mask because even though it’s time consuming, [she] isn’t focused on the time, but rather the details that are being put into the mask.” Caitlyn enjoys the class because every project is completely new and each design is up to her.


The 3D-Art classroom is a fun and enjoyable environment to spend time in because everyone is focused on creating their own original piece of work while music plays in the background. This class also gives each student the opportunity to drill, saw, paint, draw, hammer, carve and chip away at glass. Though it isn’t always recognized, 3D-Art is always packed with students and is filled with new opportunities to express oneself.