Hunt for Treasure

Lily Rajaee, photojournalist

Although treasure hunts are usually associated with childish stories and fictional movies, the modern Forrest Fenn treasure hunt has made it clear that treasure hunts are very real and relevant for adults around the nation. Nearly five years ago, Forrest Fenn released his book, Thrill of the Chase, in which he declared that there is in fact a hidden treasure chest somewhere in New Mexico that contains at least one million dollars in gold coins and other precious metals.

Obviously, many individuals were intrigued by this idea and began to read his book for clues about the whereabouts of this treasure chest. Some more extreme individuals have even dedicated their lives these last few years to finding this mysterious box. Tourists from around the nation have flooded to New Mexico with the intent of leaving their vacation one million dollars richer.


Nearly five years after the initial buzz that surrounded the publishing of this book, the treasure hunt is still continuing! Before you pack up your bags and catch the next flight to New Mexico, you must realize that this treasure hunt is extremely challenging and can be an extremely emotionally-draining experience. Amongst the tens of thousands of people who have turned New Mexico upside-down, looking for the treasure, no one has actually found any trace of the money. Understandably, there are many critics that suggest there might not even be a treasure chest, inferring that this whole treasure hunt is a marketing strategy, aiming to simply accumulate more money for Forrest Fenn’s book. However, Fenn has confirmed that the treasure chest is still out in the world; he even commented that some hunters have been within a few hundred feet of the secret location without even knowing it.


Who wouldn’t want to find a million dollars worth of coins? The number of hunters going to Santa Fe is continuing to grow as people are becoming more and more frustrated to figure out where this chest could be hidden. Missy Gilbertson (10) said, “I would feel very thrilled if I found the treasure chest. It would be as if I were in a Pirates of Caribbean movie.”


This treasure hunt is clearly an exciting event to take place in today’s world. and people will surely not rest until someone succeeds and is able to find the treasure.