In a Galaxy Not So Far Far Away



Disney’s newest hotel, The Galactic Starcruiser, impresses StarWars fans around the world!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

In true Disney spirit, the company is back at it again with their crazy and outlandish new Star Wars attractions and experiences that are now open! While Disney is known globally for their “magical” theme parks, the brand also boasts amazing hotel destinations. Most recently, Disney has introduced the brand new “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” for fans everywhere to enjoy. This new Star Wars themed adventure is a hotel experience that is promised to fulfill every fan’s dreams.  

The Galactic Starcruiser is a two day “galactic” getaway packed with immersive and indulging experiences. Some activities included in this experience are “Learning the ancient ways of the lightsaber and facing off against a training remote, where guests may discover their own connection with the Force. Visiting the starcruiser’s Bridge to learn about its systems and how to operate them, including a chance to try out the ship’s weapons and defense systems – skills that may come in handy during a journey through this adventure-filled galaxy (WESH).” More features that are included when paying for this two day excursion include all food being paid for in the Starcruiser package, access granted to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios, Florida, and full access to all new and exclusive merchandise. 

Disney does not disappoint when it comes to details, with fans having very positive opinions of the experience so far. Many are very impressed with the lengths Disney went to for this project. Every single detail of the hotel looks like it was taken directly out of a Star Wars movie. From the out of this world bar area, thematic meals, hotel lounge, large bedrooms, and even hallways adorning the Galactic Star Cruiser, nothing was left out. Disney has once again exceeded fans’ wildest dreams. The hotel experience is unlike any other, with guests literally living and breathing the full Star Wars experience. One student, Grace Schumerth (10), says “This looks so cool! I can’t wait to go someday!” 

In addition to the incredible detail of the hotel props, the roles of each cast member and actors on the Starcruiser mimic famous Star Wars characters. The whole stay is like being totally immersed in a movie, with lightsaber duels, commanders from the rebellion and republic, and spys looking out for both sides. The continuity of the Star Wars theme throughout makes guests a pivotal part of the details, with fans feeling like they are “truly” in a “galaxy far far away.” All of these special touches make guests feel like a vital part of the Disney family. The personal touches and customization are what Disney is known for, and this newest experience does not disappoint!