Impact of the TV Show Friends

The Friends cast when the show first and then in 2021 for the reunion. The Friends cast may have changed in looks, but their friendship did not.

The Friends cast when the show first and then in 2021 for the reunion. The Friends cast may have changed in looks, but their friendship did not.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

On September 22, 1994, Friends made its appearance on live tv. After the show was a bit hit after season one, they produced nine more seasons, and the show ended on May 6, 2004. 

Friends is a show about a group of friends that go through life together and have real-life experiences that people in the real world can relate to. The friend groups consist of Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller(David Schwimmer), Phoebe Buffay(Lisa Kudrow), Chandler Bing(Matthew Perry), Monica Geller(Courteney Cox), and Joey Tribbiani(Matt LeBlanc). 

Friends cover many topics that people constantly go through or just life-happening events that people can relate to, making them feel safe. 

While the show was airing over ten years, the cast of Friends made groups off and onset. The six main characters were very clicky and only hung out with each other. A side character that had a prominent role was Gunther(James Micheal Tyler).

James Micheal Tyler recently died on October 24, 2021. In 2018 he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. His character Gunther made people laugh, and some people could relate to him. He was an outsider on the show and crazy in love with Rachel Green. 

Throughout the show, he appeared in 150 episodes out of 236. Gunther was a huge side character, and he made the show just a little more realistic. 

Another way the show was realistic and relatable is because of LGBTQ+ characters throughout the show. Carol, which was Ross Geller’s ex-wife, married another woman named Susan. To add, Chandler’s father had become a drag artist in Las Vegas. 

Friends had become a show where people felt safe and helped people through their hardships in life. Alex Jacks (10) states, “Friends is my comfort show and anytime I need a pick me up I turn on the show.” 

Friends became a hit show through many generations and had something for everyone. Even so the six main characters had a reunion for all viewers where they talked about the show and what it gave them. 

The tv show focused on friendships, relationships, hardships, and real-life experiences. The show proved friend groups could have boys and girls and that your friend group can become family. 

Over the years, Friends has had constant watchers and supportive viewers, and the show in 2021 had 52.5 million views. Undoubtedly, Friends has such a good fan base, and people love to choose a character they relate to. 

Friends have had such a significant impact on the industry and people around the world. People have come together to show their love for the tv show Friends.