Should you watch Nightteeth on netflix?



A cartoon image of Vampire teeth, symbolizing the genre of Vampire movies and shows altogether.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

The vampire genre, no matter what form of film, always has the same story. The genre always seems to revolve around a love story of a vampire and a human – and how their love is stronger than the world around them.

Nightteeth is a vampire movie released just a few weeks ago on Netflix. The show was only on the top ten list on the platform for two weeks, so is this movie worth watching? Is it just another vampire movie?

And what I have to say is: no! This movie isn’t like other vampire movies and is highly recommended!

As stated by Kylie Tsai (10) a high school student at Yorba Linda High school, “ This movie is different then other movies, it doesn’t follow the traditional rules of these shows and movies, it’s different! Which is exciting! The story is not boring, but new and exciting.

For starters gender roles are reversed; primarily the vampire is normally male and the love interest human is normally female. We see this in movies like Twilight and TV shows like True Blood or Vampire Diaries

This time is different; the human is not only male, but also isn’t white – something we don’t see very often in this genre. 

Another thing that makes this film so different from other vampire shows and movies is the amount of A-list celebrities in this movie. Normally there aren’t as many recognizable faces, but Nighteeth features many famous stars such as Debbie Ryan, Megan Fox, and Sidney Sweeney. So if you love watching A list celebrities with fangs this is the movie for you?

Not only is this movie different, but the storyline and acting is good as well.  The setting takes place in Los Angeles, where a little brother (our main character) wants to help his older brother out and earn some cash. Through this he is able to work his brother’s business for the night and use it around girls – who happen to be vampires that want to take over the city. They kidnap him thinking he is his brother, when in fact he is not.  This movie is about so much more than just a love story, and with the multitude of A-list celebrities the acting is far from bad.

Would you watch this movie? What are your thoughts? Is this movie different from the other movies? Or is it just the same as all the others?