5 Monsters we can Sympathize For


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Five Horror Monsters we can’t help, but sometimes cheer on.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist


Imagine a picture perfect moment, where everyone seems to be living their best lives, and nothing could possibly go wrong! Maybe after ignoring a few red flags, a monster appears and everyone is in true horror – perhaps being murder one by one. 

However,  are there some monsters we can’t help but feel sorry for? Seeing the human behind the monster, we might even relate too! So here are the top 7 Horror movie and TV show monsters we can sympathize with.

5 Pinhead- Hellraiser

Pinhead, also known as a Hell Priest, is the antagonist of the Hellraiser franchise. Known for torturing and killing millions of people, he also has a backstory so sad that viewers almost feel sorry for him. As a British Soldier, serving in World War One changed him and tested his humanity. With his sins of war constantly following him, he found peace in torturing himself. Finding new and newer ways of torturing himself, he came across The Lament Configuration (A Puzzle Box that leads to hell). Here he would live in hell and be reborn as Pinhead, only coming back to Earth when he is summoned by The Lament. He is a  man guilty of surviving a war so many didn’t, only feeling ok when he harms himself. His story leaves us seeing the human behind the pin: not a monster with no heart, but a man with such a big one he has to harm himself to feel he is even for the people who had died in the war (Hulu).

4 Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th

At age eleven, Jason Voorhees drowned in Crystal Lake. From his death his mother went crazy and was sent to an asylum. Years later Jason comes back to life after being struck by lightning, only to find out what has happened to his mother. Through this we see Jason is basically a boy in a grown man’s body. He wanted  revenge for his mother, which is understandable and has people truly relating to Jason – understanding that pain and anger he must be feeling (Hulu).

3 Frankenstein- Original Frankienstein

Frankenstein, although a monster who destroys the town and kills a few people, is really just innocent. He is  someone who can’t understand this world and is seen as a monster. In reality he is the victim, being chased by the town. He is someone who doesn’t know his own strength or if he is hurting anybody. This monster is only thinking he is playing and nothing is serious (Amazon Prime)

2 Twisty-AHS

As a baby, Twisty was dropped on his head, resulting in his minor mental disability. His parents weren’t the best parents, nor people altogether. This leads  Twisty to dislike adults altogether; from this he would work as a clown in the Freak Show of his town. He found joy in making children laugh, but this would not last. The other Freaks would create false rumors about him, resulting in the loss of his job. It also left Twisty depressed and trying to end his life. After only shooting half his face off, he was set on a mission to help all children get away from their parents – because all parents are bad! This  leaves us as viewers to sympathize with Twisty, someone so beaten by this world he doesn’t know right from wrong. As stated by a student here at Yorba Linda High School, “Twisty was a character I really felt sorry for because he wanted to be good, but everything and everyone was against him”(Kylie Tsai 10). Proving that Twisty was never a monster, and viewers found it hard not to feel sorry for him.

1 Tommy Slater-Fear Street

This monster was once a camp couselor, with not a bad part in his soul. Tommy’s reputation was shifted as soon as Nick Goode sacrificed his life to Satan. From there he was brainwashed into a merciless killer. That’s why his story is listed as our number one, because unlike our other monsters Tommy never wanted this, and it was not until his mind was taken over that he could do such a horrid thing (Netflix).

Do you agree with my picks? Who do you think should be added?