Movie Review: Yes Day


Courtesy of YouTube

The first event of the yes day for the children is a car wash with the windows down.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Yes Day, a sensational Netflix original, stars Jennifer Garner, Jenna Ortega, Edgar Ramirez, Julian Lerner, and Everly Carganilla. The film is a PG comedy and drama for all ages to watch. 

The film, Yes Day, is about Allison Torres, the mom (Jennifer Garner), and Carlos Torres, the dad(Edgar Ramirez), saying yes to their three children for 24 hours. The film was based on a children’s book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld. Jennifer Garner, in 2017, did a yes day with her kids, and the idea finally was turned into a movie. 

Allison Torres, the mom of the family, is known as an uptight and overprotective mom. Her husband, the father of the three kids, is known as the “fun dad”. This family is the typical family everyone thinks of in movies. 

At the beginning of the film, Evan Torres, the middle child, creates a video for a school project. The video is about parenting, and the video starts to show how Allison is a bad mom. Allison Torres realizes how her kids think of her and that her kids think of her as a monster. 

Later in the film, the kids hear of the yes day and question their parents. Of course, the mom says no at first, but the “fun dad” convinces her otherwise. The parents set up a list of rules of what you can and cannot ask for. 

The kids want to have fun, but all they can think of is their mom saying no all their life. The beginning of the day is a montage of Allison(Jennifer Garner) saying no throughout the years. The mom and dad decide to give their kids a day that ends with a lot of fun. 

Throughout the day on their journey, they go to Six Flags, a car wash, an ice cream shop, and a water balloon fight. The kids have five big things they want to do and make a board about it. Towards the end of the movie, there are a few bumps in the road, but the family makes it through.

All of the kids did something wrong, and in the end, the parents want their kids to be safe and have fun. 

Savanna Bradford (9) says, “I loved the movie and the plot. A yes day seems like so much fun, and I wish to do one.”

The movie shows that family has its ups and downs and those fights that seem impossible to get over, but all that matters is family and the love they have.