The New Phase of Marvel


Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

With the final Avengers moving in the Marvel franchise being Avengers: End Game, a new phase of marvel approaches. This phase, known as phase four, will follow a new plot highlighting new characters. COVID-19 has postponed the production of many new movies that are supposed to come out soon, but we still know what the movies are, and we can predict what they will do to the plot. Phase 4 will not only include movies, but it will also feature shows that are on the Disney + streaming service. 


Phase four focuses on the character Doctor Strange, who has been relevant in the past Marvel movies as well. All the new movies will lead up to his main movie coming out on March 25, 2022, called Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The multiverse is the cinematic universe that the Avengers live in. Doctor Strange is the best avenger at controlling and altering this multiverse. However, many other avengers still try to experiment with the multiverse, causing many problems that Doctor Strange will be trying to solve in his movie. 


The beginning of Phase four started with the Disney + show, Wanda Vision. This show does not play a huge role in the plot of the new phase because the Marvel franchise is trying to make the big plot events happen in movies so people without Disney Plus can still follow along. However, there were some notable parts worth mentioning. The main part of the show was that Wanda, the main character, creates her own town to live in while she grieves the loss of her loved ones. Creating this town allows her powers to get stronger, and she becomes more powerful in controlling the multiverse. Many people think this is the start of her villain origin story because she will use her powers to do more harm to the multiverse, which will add to the plot of Doctor Strange’s movie. Sydney Bell (10) comments on how she is “very excited to see how Wanda’s story will continue in the upcoming Marvel projects such as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” 


Another important project that will contribute to the plot of the new phase is Loki, a new show coming out on Disney + this year. Loki has been in previous Marvel movies before, most notably for being Thor’s brother, but also being a bit mischievous and causing trouble for the Avengers. The God of Mischievous plans on stealing one of the Infinity Stones, the time stone, which deals with the multiverses, and creates a timeline of his own. This causes many problems within other timelines in other multiverses, most likely affecting the other Avengers, mainly Doctor Strange. 


The fourth project that we know of which was recently announced to be Spider-Man No Way Home, coming out later this year, is rumored to feature the three different Spidermen from the different multiverse. This will show how the multiverse overlaps with each other and cause problems in the different realities. 


All these problems regarding the multiverse all contribute to the main plot of phase four of the Avengers. Marvel fans have already taken it upon themselves to make predictions for how all the different projects will affect the main storyline, and if there are any hidden meanings in the information already released, such as posters and teasers. The peak of this phase will be the Doctor Strange movie, where all fans can see if their predictions were correct or not.