The Mandalorian Season 2 – Exactly What the World Needed


Courtesy of Film Daily

Disney+ recently launched The Mandalorian Season 2!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

On October 30th, 2020, Star Wars and Disney fans across the world were given a beacon of light in these dark times; Disney+ launched the first episode of The Mandalorian Season 2. New episodes of this season premiered every Friday for the next seven weeks after its release. The season was compiled of 8 action-packed episodes: Chapter 9: The Marshall, Chapter 10: The Passenger, Chapter 11: The Heiress, Chapter 12: The Siege, Chapter 13: The Jedi, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, Chapter 15: The Believer, and Chapter 16: The Rescue. Each one excels to another level of excitement and thrill. 

The first season of The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ over a year ago, and it quickly grew into a pop culture phenomenon. The show follows bounty hunter Din Djarin through his escapades in the galaxy. On his journey, he encounters many tag-a-longs and even meets a trustworthy companion. A few days after the first episode premiered, the internet went crazy over Baby Yoda. The cute green creature was so loveable that he rapidly became a trending topic for months. Merchandise, memes, videos, sketches, and skits were produced to please fans. This was great for the show because their viewers increased, making the show a new favorite to many. One student, Owen Tesch (10), said “I love the show because it’s awesome and cool.” 

After the third episode of the second season aired, Star Wars fans were pleasantly surprised to see the character Bo Katan! Bo Katan, played by actress Katee Sackhoff, was first seen in the animated Star Wars TV show The Clone Wars—where she also voiced the character. Devoted fans were very impressed to see the character in live-action. In this episode, Bo tells the Mandalorian where he and “The Child” can find a Jedi master, leading into the next two episodes. 

Chapter 13: The Jedi was another moment of the show that showcased the incredible filmmaking and decisions of the Star Wars company as a whole. The Jedi master Ahsoka Tano, played by actress Rosario Dawson, was brought into live-action. This character was first introduced to the world on August 15th, 2008 in The Clone Wars. From here she played a big role in the show, as well as returning in Star Wars Rebels. Ahsoka is a fan-favorite character and was given a new revival in The Mandalorian Season 2. Ashoka will also get her own Star Wars series, likely debuting in 2022.  This episode also included the viewers getting to know Baby Yoda’s real name—Grogu. 

From here, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, took viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions. In this episode, The Mandalorian takes Grogu to the ancient Jedi world of Tython (THATHASTAGSHOW). From here, the rebellion is sent to attack Mando and his team and eventually take Grogu hostage. Fans were devastated that the episode left on a huge cliffhanger and could not bear that something bad could happen to their precious Grogu. 

This takes us to Chapter 16: The Rescue. During this episode, The Mandalorian and his team head out to get their hands back on Grogu, taking him back from the dark side. In this action sequence, The Mandalorian and his persistent team find themselves trapped, and Dark Troopers slowly approach them. Then a single X-Wing lands on their ship, revealing a Jedi Knight. This mysterious hooded-figure destroys the Dark Troopers and makes his way to where Mando and his team are. The figure then takes off his ominous hood—revealing himself as Luke Skywalker! Star Wars fans were shocked to see one of their favorite characters back in action! Skywalker then offers to take Grogu with him and train him to his best abilities. This is a very sentimental part of the whole show as Grogu hesitates to leave with Luke. The Mandalorian is a father figure to Grogu and he is very attached to him. During this scene, the Mandalorian takes off his helmet to say his final goodbyes to young Grogu, showing his face to Grogu for the first time. Thus, the season is left on a bittersweet note. 

In conclusion, The Mandalorian Season 2 was a fantastic representation of love, sacrifice, resilience, and perseverance. This series is a great piece of media entertainment and showcases the incredible popularity a series can have. Fans hope that a third season is in the future, but until then both complete seasons can be streamed on Disney+. The Mandalorian served as a great reprieve during the pandemic and continues to offer hours of entertainment.