Christmas Carols Throughout The House


Emily Eslao

With the Holiday cheer, lots of people will be turning into that sweet Christmas music.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

When the holiday season comes around, the music will play loudly for all to hear. Many holiday cheers come to mind when thinking about what song to play while the family sits for Christmas dinner. Almost one million Christmas songs exist today, so it is hard to find just which song is the best. More notable ones might just make the top 10 list here at Yorba Linda High School. 


The Christmas classic, “A White Christmas”, sung by Bing Crosby seemed to be ranked an all-time classic. It had sold over 50 million copies worldwide and debuted in a hit movie, White Christmas. The song dates back to the 1940s as it was first sung by Irving Berlin. This composition had won an Academy Award for best composition. Irving Berlin was famous for his other songs like “God Bless America” and “Puttin’ on The Ritz”. People all over the world can agree that this holiday classic deserves a top spot on this holiday list, but it isn’t number one.


“Last Christmas”, a favorite Christmas pop song performed by the English pop band, WHAM!, was first released back in 1986.  It was written and produced by George Michael, a member of the band. Over time, “Last Christmas” has become a holiday necessity on those playlists. All over the UK, this song will be playing. The initial reason this song was released was to send the profits to a famine relief charity in Ethiopia. This song has been played all over the radio earning the 9th spot on this list.


The Puerto-Rican singer, José Feliciano, came out with the hit song, “Feliz Navidad” back in 1970. It was an immediate Christmas hit selling over 125 million records all over. The easy Spanish lyrics and simple translation in the next verse made the song enjoyable for all. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the release date. Feliciano’s style mixes all sorts of genres including Latin, jazz, blues, soul, and rock all into one song. His song is ranked in the 8th spot on this list.


Back in 1914, the Ukrainian composer, Mykola Leontovych made the first tune to “Carol of the Bells”. Lyrics were later written by Peter J. Wilhousky in the 1930s. When Wilhousky first heard the song, he said it reminded him of the ringing of a bell. The lyrics are actually about spreading good cheer and making everyone feel loved. It is quite funny because Leontovych had no connections with the Christian holiday. The song was based on the Ukrainian folk chant, “Shchedryk”. Now this song can be found in many holiday movies including the family favorite, Home Alone.  While this song does have a haunting tune, many can agree it is just simply beautiful as that moved this song into 7th place.


The most recently released song on this list goes to “Snowman” written and performed by Sia. It was first released back in 2017 as part of her Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas. While many listen to this song for its sweet melody, its lyrics symbolize the process of leaving, but one will stay. She sings the song to a lover who isn’t exactly a fit for society ( The lyric, “‘til death we’ll be freezing” is a connection to the saying of “till death do us part” as she sings about how their relationship can’t survive out in the warm. With the song’s meaning and a nice tune, it has taken its spot as number 6 on this list.


It is no surprise that Brenda Lee has made this list with her song “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”. The song was written by Johnny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958 for the holiday season. It was a success when it came out to the public selling over 25 million copies. Now this song is the 4th most digitally downloaded Christmas song globally. 2008 marked the 50th anniversary and now it’s a favorite all over the world. That brings it to the 5th spot on this list.


Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Mistletoe” rightfully earned the 4th spot on this list. The song was released back in 2011 on the platform, YouTube. Bieber’s Christmas album was produced by Nasri and Adam Messinger. His album took a number one spot on the charts when it was initially released. It is easy to tell that this song can fit into the pop and R&B style, but there are influences of the genre, reggae. This song is just another one of those romantic holiday cheers, and it warms up the people who give it a listen.


Sia and Justin Bieber aren’t the only pop singers who have taken a spot on the list. As the final three came down, Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” easily snagged the number 3 spot. The song was first released on November 18, 2014, at A Very Grammy Christmas Special. This song was placed in Grande’s Christmas album, Christmas Kisses. This Christmas bop is a fan favorite by everyone who loves a good Christmas song. Its simple tune has made many play this song during the holiday season. Grande sings about hoping to be gifted a lover for Christmas that won’t let her down. While some connect with this song’s theme, others agree that it just is a good song.


Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” made a top 3 spot on this list although some might expect it to take the number one spot. Released back on October 28, 1994, Carey had written and co-produced the song with Walter Afanasieff ( The song made an appearance on Carey’s fourth studio and first Christmas album. Hannah Bucklin (11), has mixed opinions on this hit song, “Holiday music is just an excuse for Mariah Carey to make another million dollars annually.” The American singer unknowingly made a holiday favorite in years to come. Now, this song is played widely and even has sparked some memes on it. Everyone who takes a listen is amazed at Carey’s vocals and will continue to be surprised at how high of a note she can hit.


In the top spot, ”Silent Night” sung by Bing Crosby ranks supreme here at Yorba Linda High School. In 1818, the song was first performed in Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria, composed by Franz Xaver Gruber and lyrics written by Joseph Mohr. During 2011, it was declared to be an intangible cultural holiday by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization ( Now the version many know and love, sung by Bing Crosby, in 1935 is the 4th best selling of all time. 


There are many other Christmas songs out there in any genre imaginable, these lucky songs managed to get onto this list picked by the students. The holidays bring many carols to make your night feel merry and bright. Carolers and performers go around spreading that holiday cheer to every door they knock on. Christmas music is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated music genres of the year.