YLHS Music in the Winter

The YLHS Band and Orchestra’s upcoming events for the holiday season

The YLHS Instrumental Groups are ready for the Holiday season!

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The YLHS Instrumental Groups are ready for the Holiday season!

Sarah Chen, Photojournalist

Winter Festival

The YLHS Sinfonia Orchestra

Valencia High School

Wednesday, December 3, 7 p.m

Together with Eldorado High School’s Sinfonia Orchestra, the YLHS Sinfonia Orchestra will be playing in the district annual Winter Festival that features the various choirs from the district. The orchestras will be accompanying the choir in a grand piece that will end the night featuring a collaboration between all the high school choirs. Throughout the night, each school’s choir will perform a selection of pieces, and each orchestra will be playing their own pieces. It will be a fun filled night with the talent of the district!


California Adventures


Friday, December 5

YLHS Orchestras

Monday, December 8

This year, the YLHS instrumental groups make a trip out to California Adventures. The YLHS Band will be performing at California Adventures on Friday, and the YLHS Orchestras will combine to perform together on Monday. While the YLHS Orchestras only did a clinic at Disneyland last year, the YLHS Band was a part of the parade last spring. All the students are invited to a day in the theme park, while also being a part of the entertainment that will happen on stage during the day. The music groups are selected through an application process.


Winter Holiday Concert

YLHS Band, YLHS String Orchestra, YLHS Sinfonia Orchestra

Tuesday, December 16, 6:30 pm

Unique to this Holiday Concert, the YLHS instrumental groups will combine to put on a night full of music together. Usually, both groups participate in other concerts focusing on their instruments. String players will perform in concerts with other string players, while the Band marches in field shows and concerts with other band groups. This holiday special will feature both orchestras, the whole Concert Band, Jazz I, Jazz II, and other smaller band ensembles. The band will be hosting raffles as a part of their fundraiser as well. Each group will be able to play several pieces, alternating between the different groups. Alumni members are also invited to come back and play their instruments with the groups. It’s truly a holiday spectacular not to miss!