Fall into Autumn During Covid-19



Watching this 1996 American slasher film is, undoubtedly, the best way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Kayden Mandley, Photojournalist

Autumn has finally arrived and everyone is more than ready to fall into its festivities. Still, as we did in the spring and summertime, we have to think of new fall activities that are safe during COVID-19. While everyone will still be able to drink their pumpkin spiced lattes and carve out their pumpkins, some of the more “typical” fall events –going to football games and hosting Halloween parties — may be cancelled this year as they do not adhere to social distancing guidelines. Nevertheless, to ensure you still get into the festive mood for fall, here are a few replacement activities anyone can take part in: 


Some activities that are COVID safe include pumpkin patches and apple picking. Many orchards and patches allow people to come in and pick out their favorite apples and pumpkins. There, you can do a photoshoot with your friends and take those autumn aesthetic photos, or you just enjoy the scenery and reminisce on everything you are thankful for.


Once you arrive back home from a day of pumpkin and apple picking, you can start carving out those pumpkins you bought with your friends. Be sure not to throw away any of the insides of your pumpkin! Once you have finished the masterpiece on your pumpkin you should head straight to the kitchen and roast those pumpkin seeds. After that, consider baking your favorite fall-themed recipes. From pie to cookies and apple cider, the possibilities are endless!


If you are full from all of the fall goodies you have made but still are not in the fall festive mood, start decorating! Even if it is just your room or your entire house, once you finish decorating you will most definitely start getting into the autumn vibes.


After a day of decorating, you are probably going to want to go outside for a bit. Take a hike! There is a cornucopia of trails throughout Yorba Linda that you have probably never wandered. Hike with friends or by yourself. Either way, just be sure to look at your surroundings and enjoy everything that nature has given you as you watch the leaves change color.


Finally, once you’ve finished your long, peaceful hike, you are going to want to sit down and relax. It is time for the Halloween movie marathon! Watch movies you have never seen before or watch your favorite fall classics while eating your roasted pumpkin seeds and the fall goodies you created. “Scream is my favorite Halloween movie,” as stated by horror movie enthusiast, Niamh Mayhew (12), “it has so many great nods to classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.”


Sure, COVID-19 is tarnishing our previously perfect autumn plans, but it is still possible to savor and enjoy every fall moment!