Turkey Origami

Robin Yoo, Photojournalist

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many are looking for the perfect decorations. There’s a fun and simple way to brighten up your Thanksgiving feast–Turkey Origami!

  1. Fold the top right and left corners to meet in the middle.
  2. Make second fold to meet in the middle.
  3. Make a third fold to meet in the middle.
  4. Fold the napkin to form the neck.
  5. Fold tip down to create the beak.
  6. Take out new unfolded spate napkin.
  7. Fold the napkin accordion-stlye from the shorter edge, leaving about three inches.
  8. Turn napkin over so the accordion portions face down.
  9. Fold in half.
  10. Fold and tuck the unfolded portion of the napkin into the center accordion slot.
  11. Spread the feather flat and place behind the neck of the turkey on top of the body.