Red Carpet Looks: Oscars 2020


Courtesy of Page Six

Some of the celebrities who caught the attention of many with their talked-about looks.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

The Oscars, more properly known as the Academy Awards, are awards given for artistic and technical excellence in the film industry. Each year, the Oscars are held to recognize the most acclaimed movies, awarding categories, such as best actor and actress or best director. 

Here at Yorba Linda High School, students such as Stephanie Weitzman (11), “can’t get enough” of this broadcasted award show. Although, in this competition for having the most advanced short film or score song, there is also another competition completely unrelated to filmmaking.

Among these many actresses, singers, and directors, many strive for the most eye-catching outfits. Every year, competitors show up wearing gorgeous gowns or tuxedos, while others opt for more controversial attire. 

So, let’s breakdown some of the most disputed ensembles of the night.

First, Florence Pugh, part of the heavily nominated Little Women movie, caught the eyes of many as she strutted down the red carpet in her dazzling teal blue dress. 

Courtesy of USATODAY
Florence Pugh owns the red carpet in her mesmerizing gown.

The beautiful ruffled, mid-length dress was courtesy of Louis Vuitton, a popular designer amongst celebrities. She paired the daring colored dress with strapping heels of the same color. For jewelry, she wore a simple, yet classy diamond necklace that was the perfect amount of “flash” for her outfit.

Next, Timothee Chalamet, another Little Women cast member, opted for a more unconventional suit. Most male competitors of the night stuck with a simple, black and white suit, but Chalamet dressed in a navy blue, casual suit. While the outfit may appear to be quite plain, it was designed by the infamous Prada brand. 

Courtesy of W Magazine
Dressed in a unique navy suit, Timothee Chalamet grabs the attention of many.

Chalamet did not stop there with the designer brands, as he paired his outfit with Cartier jewelry. His slicked-back hair and seamless black boots truly tied this look together, making him one of the most talked-about male outfits of the night. 

Finally, Natalie Portman sported a gorgeous black gown, gently sprinkled with gold accents. Draping over her dress way a beautiful custom, floor-length blazer. 

Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar
Natalie Portman showcases the names of women who did not receive nominations in her lovely black and gold dress.

At a glance, the outfit is simple, yet oozing with class, but as you get a closer look at the blazer, names in gold line the borders of the long satin clothing. Portman listed the names of female artists she felt were underrepresented at the award ceremony. This sophisticated ensemble was put together by none other than Dior Haute Couture. 

The gold dress was paired with gold jewelry provided by, once again, Cartier. Portman stole the red carpet and caused conversation on the representation of women in the film industry, all through something as simple as an outfit.

Yet another Little Women cast member, Saoirse Ronan sparked some negative attention in her unconventional wardrobe. She went a different direction than her typical gown or little black dress. 

Courtesy of Footwear News
With her dress dragging behind her, Saoirse Ronan struts in her different-toned dress.

Ronan strutted across the red carpet in an odd, deep neck dress. The upper half was a simple black v-neck, but the waist was quite the conversation piece. Ruffles piled on top of one another, with both light and dark tones was definitely an interesting choice.

The bottom half was also very eye-catching as it did not seem to match the upper half. A long, loose blue skirt with a noticeable sheen had many people confused. Also, the skirt portion went well past her shoes, making it almost impossible for Ronan to easily glide down the carpet. 

As for jewelry, Ronon kept it simple, taking no attention away from her strange outfit. The designer of both her dress and jewelry has not been publicized. 

Laura Dern earned an Oscar for her moving performance in Marriage Story, but her outfit was not a hit. The dress created by the infamous designer, Armani, was overall just not cohesive. 

Courtesy of Page Six
Laura Dern shows off her complicated dress.

The upper half was a beaded bralette accompanied by long tassels. On the bottom half, she wore a simple light pink skirt. Separately, the two are beautiful, intricate pieces. Although paired as one dress, the outfit was quite confusing to those watching on the big screen.

On the other hand, her jewelry was very plain and almost underwhelming. Her delicate diamond, dangly earrings were stunning, but the low neck upper half called for a necklace. 

Lastly, Billy Porter was quite a conversation piece for the night. Porter has truly made great strides in recent award shows, breaking stereotypes through wearing elegant gowns. 

While he has made revolutionary changes in society, his 2020 Oscars look was a letdown to many. The 24-carat golden dress from Giles Deacon Couture was quite an odd ensemble to look at. The torso portion was a textured, sleeveless turtleneck that resembled feathers.

The lower portion seemed like an entirely different dress. Orange and gold lines filled the skirt, but the entire outfit was just confusing. Porter paired the ensemble with platform Jimmy Choo shoes that were also a baffling choice. 

As for accessories, his bling was designed by none other than Swarovski. Oversized rings and bedazzled bracelets also caught the attention of many. Overall, Porters look really got many attendees and viewers talking.

Courtesy of Page Six
Billy Porter poses in his clashing gown and platform heels.

Overall, the Oscars are an event filled to the brim with competition. With the millions of viewers critiquing these celebrities’ every move, they make sure to give them outfits to talk about.

Over the years, the Oscars have become much more than awards and acceptance speeches. This seemingly superficial competition has truly transformed into an opportunity for scrutinized celebrities to voice their love for fashion, while also sparking important conversations.