P.S. They’re Back!



The widely popular Netflix movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” come out with a sequel that fans are not as excited about.

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

Just less than a year ago, girls all over were fawning over Peter Kavinski. Almost every girl wanted a boyfriend that was just like Peter. The Netflix original “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was watched by almost every teenager in the country. The movie was based off of the book by Jenny Han. 

Now, Netflix has made the sequel to “TATBILB.” “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” is the second book in the series, and recently has become a movie. Considering the first movie was so popular, it is hard for the second one to beat it.

After watching the sequel, it gives a different look on the whole series. The first movie tells the story of how Lara Jean and Peter were “fake dating.” By the end of it, Peter and Lara Jean realize their fantasy became a legitimate reality.  They started dating because of five love letters that Lara Jean wrote and were sent out. She got a response from four guys, but there was no response from the fifth guy which many viewers did not catch or pay that much attention to.

The sequel starts showing that Peter and Lara Jean are still dating. It also has a lot to do with John Ambrose, who is the fifth guy. Lara Jean receives a letter back from him, which caused her and Peter’s world to be turned upside down. Once she got the letter from John Ambrose, she is not sure how she feels anymore. She is suddenly hit with all of these emotions that she has never had to face head on. The movie continues as Lara Jean navigates through the confusing love life of a high school teenager.

While the sequel had many similarities to the first one, it had a much different feel. The second film in the series had an almost darker feel. Throughout the movie, it seemed as if there was a cloud lingering. Even in the happy and joyful parts of the movie, it always seemed dark. Fans think that the “darker” feeling was due to the internal battle that Lara Jean was having with how she feels about the two boys.

Not only did fans feel it was not as light hearted, they felt that there was too much back and forth. Bri Jones (10) explained, “The whole movie was Lara Jean going back and forth between how she feels about the two boys and which one she liked better.” While that back and forth feeling is something that many teenagers can relate to, it was more so confusing than enjoyable to watch.

Despite the second movie receiving less hype than the first one, Peter Kavinski still stole the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship has only just started so will fans get to see what other problems they will face in future sequels?