TikTok: It’s an Obsession

The logo of TikTok, the newest viral social media app.


The logo of TikTok, the newest viral social media app.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

With the constant progression throughout the years, technology and social media have increasingly become the backbone of society. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are considered the staple apps for each and every device. Social media has proved to be both extremely beneficial with it ability to connect individuals, and it has also caused people to hold high, unachievable standards for themselves. 

So, when Music.ly launched back in 2012, sceptive users were inevitable.

Originally, the app was used by pre-teens who wanted to showcase their lip syncing abilities. The popularity grew quickly and only lasted for about a year. Not until recently, in 2017, did Music.ly merge with another app, rebranding its entire look and becoming what it is today: Tik Tok.

TikTok is similar to Music.ly in that the videos are about 15 seconds to a minute long and typically have music playing in the background. Although, TikTok has seen an entire new audience, filled with great ideas that do not just stop of lip syncing to hit songs. The age range varies from younger kids, to college students, to even parents. The app showcases great comedic pieces and some of the most popular dance sequences of this generation. 

All around Yorba Linda High School, students can be caught scrolling through Tik Tok. Most students describe their relationship with Tik Tok as an addiction. Kaitlyn Kame (11) finds herself often on the app for, “about two hours a day.” Some students even film their own videos on campus to upload to the app for various viewers to enjoy. 

Some YLHS attendees have even developed quite an audience on the app, gaining thousands of followers to enjoy their content. 

As for the benefits of Tik Tok, it obviously proves to be a great way for users to show off their creative sides. The comedy aspect of the app is truly what keeps most people coming back each day. 

Like other social media apps, it is a great way for individuals to meet and connect with people. Even dancers have found Tik Tok to be a great way to prove their dancing abilities. The app truly promotes creativity and keeps the viewers inspired to create the next viral video. 

However, the app does have a few downfalls. One obvious problem is the fact that most who download the app find themselves wasting their day glued to their phones, aimlessly scrolling through videos. 

This can lead to unproductiveness, and when it comes to school and students, can hold people back from focusing on their work. Also, making TikToks during school hours is obviously not the intended use of the app, but can often be found on most campuses. 

Finally, like most social media apps, people compare themselves to others users. TikTok does not fall short to this as there have even been trends where individuals show off how few pounds they weigh. Predominantly girls would stand in front of the camera and prove how tiny their waists are by tightening their belts as much as possible. Obviously this trend was not meant to harm others, but both boys and girls throughout the comments confessed how upsetting it was to see the trend circulate throughout the app.

As for the future of TikTok, it is safe to say that its popularity does not seem to be coming to a halt. With the constant need to “fit in” in today’s society, it appears that vulnerable users will continue to hold an obsession with the app, as long as it remains high on the app charts.