“BoJack Horseman” Final Season Recap



This is a screenshot of the title shown when previewing the show “BoJack Horseman” on Netflix.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

With Netflix constantly releasing series such as “Big Mouth” throughout its entire platform, many watchers believe that it is beginning to target specific audiences with the things it makes. From Christmas movies for moms to cartoons for preteens, Netflix has broadened its audience range through all ages and genders. 

The most accurate representation of this would be “BoJack Horseman,” a cartoon show that has some sarcastic and mature humor and deals with morals and issues that are very real to celebrities but also just the average everyday person. 

At first glance this show may seem to be just for kids, but at a deeper glace the show is definitely for much older age groups. The show deals with alcoholism, parental issues, and even deaths. Yet the show is still done in such a way that those issues are dealt through real eyes of characters that handle situations in ways that may not always be well done, but real and human. 

The main story of the show as a whole is simply to show how though people are truly inherently bad at their core, it takes a certain person who has the will to fight that. Though it is hard to do so, fighting that battle everyday is the true hard part. As Shannon Adler (12) states “this is the show’s main focus, and why so many people love it’s content”. 

The main character, BoJack Horseman, is a deeply troubled actor who deal with substance abuse and is just known to be a “jerk”. Though he is known as this, he eventually sees the flaws in his ways. Though this was a major issue with the first few seasons, most people around him accepted the fact that he had an issue, yet they did nothing and just accepted him. 

Though many shows now would see that as a decent response and that accepting someone’s personality is truly noble, “BoJack Horseman,” does not go this route. In fact, they show the main character as a man who resents his actions daily but is not strong enough to break away from them since no one is forcing him to. With its new and final season, this is truly shown. BoJack willingly goes to rehab on his own and this cult following is standing behind him. 

Many people love this show and its final season as well. The audience that has surrounded BoJack throughout the show has began to see themselves in him. All the people who do see their bad and destructive behavior are hoping for BoJack to turn out alright. As many say “…if BoJack is okay, then there is a chance I will be too…” because if a man that broken can put the pieces back together, this final season will give his cult audience hope that they can as well.