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The Fall Guy Dazzles Audiences

The brand-new blockbuster, The Fall Guy, impresses audiences around the world.

The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling, is a captivating thriller that combines suspense, drama, and stellar performances. Directed by David Leitch, this film takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with twists and emotional depth.

This film has a bit of everything, including action, comedy, romance, suspense, and amazing visual effects. The Fall Guy is a love letter to stunt performers in the movie industry; NFR states, “The movie was directed by former stuntman David Leitch, who spent 20 years doubling for A-list actors like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon before making such action films as Atomic Blonde, Bullet Train, John Wick and a Fast and Furious spinoff” (NFR). Leitch adds special touches to the film, making it very personable. There are small moments in the film where characters break the fourth wall, giving the audience a sense of connection. Each actor and actress in this film did a fantastic job; Emily Blunt’s performance was breathtaking, and her ability to engage the audience was impressive. 

The Fall Guy was an amazing movie to watch in the cinema. The high-quality footage and marvelous cinematography were apparent on the screen. This movie is a great watch for all ages. The thought-provoking themes of deception and trust keep viewers on the edge of their seats. There is not one second of the movie that is boring. From people jumping off of helicopters to mega explosions, The Fall Guy has it all! One Yorba Linda High School student, Carlie Nelson (12), says,  “I always see the trailers, and the movie looks super good! I really want to see it.” 

I always see the trailers, and the movie looks super good! I really want to see it.

— Carlie Nelson

X users have been expressing their opinions about The Fall Guy, sharing their excitement and praise for the film. @MovieBuff123 stated, “Ryan Gosling delivers yet again in #TheFallGuy! Gripping and intense.” Another user, @ThrillerFanatic, commented, “Michelle Roberts crafts a compelling thriller with #TheFallGuy. A must-see for suspense lovers!” 

Another user, @LukeRota, says, “In an era where blockbusters often demand homework, with their intricate universes and complex lore, films today, from the sprawling epics of Dune to the interconnected sagas of the MCU, seem to require a viewer’s full dedication and maybe even a notepad to keep up. This isn’t to diminish their artistry, but it’s clear that the pure joy of cinema, the sort of effortless fun Hollywood once peddled so well, has become a rare find. A film that welcomes you without prerequisites, The Fall Guy seeks to reignite that spark of unadulterated entertainment.”

The film on Rotten Tomatoes has been overwhelmingly positive, with The Fall Guy holding an impressive 90% fresh rating. Critics have praised the film’s intricate plot and Gosling’s standout performance. A Rotten Tomatoes critic expresses, “With its gripping narrative and Ryan Gosling’s commanding presence, The Fall Guy is a must-watch thriller of the year.” 

Make sure not to miss out on the fun and see The Fall Guy in theaters now! 

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Faith DeSio
Faith DeSio, Photojournalist
Faith DeSio is a senior at Yorba Linda High School. Baking and cooking continue to be her passions as she completes the Yorba Linda High School Culinary Arts program. Faith has started her own small business making baked goods - Just A Bite Bakery. Faith also loves watching movies with her friends and watching the YLHS Football games. Faith is enjoying her high school experience at YLHS. She looks forward to making her last year at the school as memorable as possible.

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