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YLHS Theatre 2024-2025 Upcoming Show Season!

Jeff Busby
Zoe Ventoura (Velma) and ensemble in Chicago, YLHS’ upcoming 2024 fall musical!

On May 23, YLHS Theatre had their banquet where they highlighted the theatre department’s achievements of the 2023-2024 school year. However, what everyone was most waiting for was the show announcements for the 2024-2025 season. At the end of the banquet, Ms. Petz, the head of the YLHS Theatre Department took the podium to announce the upcoming shows of the year:


Fall Musical: Chicago: School Edition


Winter Play: Noises Off


Spring Musical: Bright Star


 When these shows were announced, almost everyone attending jumped out of their seats and screamed of pure excitement and joy. Many students had predicted correctly that Chicago would be one of the shows, so many were sitting in extreme shock. Here is an overview of what each show is about, and how YLHS theatre students feel about them.


Set in the roaring ‘20s, Chicago follows the story of Roxie Hart, a young woman who murders her husband and is now faced with the challenge of duping the public and her rival cellmate, Velma, and getting them to fall for her in order to avoid conviction. The musical is a very dance-heavy show featuring fosse and tap dancing! This will be a killer show for YLHS to put on, and many students are excited about it. Katie Ruoo (11), an active participant in the YLHS theatre program is over the moon about Chicago being the fall show and says “Chicago has been a dream show of mine for the longest time, due to the incredible costumes and choreography of the musical.”

“Chicago has been a dream show of mine for the longest time, due to the incredible costumes and choreography of the musical.”

— Katie Ruoo (11)


We cannot wait to see what YLHS pulls off with this show stopper of a musical!


Noises Off:

Noises Off is a comedic, three-act play about a hopeless theater company trying to put on a show called “Nothing’s On.” As the show unravels, the audience gets to see the mishaps behind stage and the deteriorating relationships that take form throughout the show! Cosette McCulloch, an active member of the YLHS Theatre Department is absolutely ecstatic about this play because, “Noises Off  was the first play [she] ever saw, and so it has an incredibly special place in [her] heart. It’s ridiculously hilarious and displays some of the parts of theatre that no one gets to see, and [she] [thinks] that’s really special.” This show has so much fun potential, as it also involves a rotating set! 

Bright Star:

Bright Star takes place intertwining between two timelines: the 1920s and the 1940s. It follows the story of Alice Murphy, an editor with a haunted past. The show follows how she has an unexpected pregnancy in the 1920s, and soon shows in the 1940s a young soldier Billy Cane, seeking Alice’s mentorship. As the show proceeds, we see how their stories beautifully intertwine and uncover deeper meanings. This show is so beautiful, and many students are excited to see how YLHS will convey its beautiful story. Addy Shoup (11), another active member in the YLHS Theatre Department says that, “Bright Star is a crazy, beautiful story! The music is so good, as well as the characters!”


With these shows in line for the 2024-2025 YLHS Theatre season, it is sure that the theatre department of YLHS will put on killer shows this year! We cannot wait to see what YLHS will do with these shows!


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