Snapchat vs Instagram: Which one is Better?

Caption: Many teens are using either Snapchat or Instagram throughout their daily lives. Which one is better? Photo Credits: Stoltz Marketing Group.

Caption: Many teens are using either Snapchat or Instagram throughout their daily lives. Which one is better? Photo Credits: Stoltz Marketing Group.

Grace Kim, Section Editor

Snapchat vs Instagram. Snapchat and Instagram are the two most popular social media apps for teens and young adults. According to the digital marketing website, Zephoria, there were 190 million active users on Snapchat in 2019. Not to mention, an average of 90 percent among 13-24 years olds were consistently socialising on Snapchat. On the other hand, based on information posted on Oberlo, there are over 1 billion monthly instagram users and 500 million daily users as of today. Based on the statistics alone, Instagram is clearly a more popular platform. Yet, popularity doesn’t always mean superiority. Compared to the fact that Instagram has been circulating online much longer then Snapchat, evaluating Snapchat to Instagram solely on statistics is unfair. Thus, through thorough research and comparison, here is a list of the pros and cons of each app.


Snapchat Pros

Filters! From dog filters to even gender swap, Snapchat is known for their unique and eye-catching camera filters. Although, Instagram does have features that include filters, the level of creativity and accuracy is below Snapchat standards. Not to mention, Snapchat is constantly updating their app with new and even more complex features. For an example, recently, Snapchat released the “baby face filter” which went viral online. Users couldn’t help but be intrigued by their adorable alter egos. Another feature that makes the app intriguing is their quick stories. A story on snapchat will only last 24 hours. Thus, individuals can share a moment in their lives without the “permanence” that Instagram has. Particularly, A list celebrities such as Kylie Jenner or Youtube star, Jeffree Star, are able to take advantage of this feature to promote their products. Finally, unlike Instagram, Snapchat is largely based on the messaging department. Users can send each other funny pictures, memes, and viral videos.


Instagram Pros

Prior to listing the pros of Instagram, one should note that all of the features listed above for Snapchat are available on Instagram. Yet, Instagram is popular for different reasons. For one, Instagram is a more permanent blog esc, social media app. Users usually utilize Instagram to share moments in life that are more substantial. For an example, following the annual Prom, Yorba Linda High School students took to instagram, rather then Snapchat, to share their pictures. As important, Instagram has a unique profile page. Any posts or tagged pictures are immediately organized on the user’s page. With that in mind, followers can view a person’s pictures of interests by viewing their profile page.

In my opinion, Instagram is better then Snapchat. Not only does Instagram possess all the features that Snapchat provides, but Instagram also has a unique profile page and a greater value on each post. Christine Ding (12) admits that she “use[s] Snapchat more often, but… prefer[s] Instagram.” In the end, whether one is team Snapchat or team Instagram, social media has an substantial impact on our daily lives.