Hit the Woah

Drake hitting the woah. Photo credits: Tenor

Drake hitting the woah. Photo credits: Tenor

Grace Kim, Section Editor

There was once the whip and nae nae, then there was the dab, followed by the shoot. Millennials are constantly choreographing creative dance crazes that become the latest “move” to do with friends and peers at school. Today there is a dance move currently trending on every social media platform called hit the woah. Hitting the woah is a simple dance move in which one rotates the arm as if steering a wheel back into the same position. (see the picture featured) According to theFader.com, the basic outlines of hitting the woah is a series of bouncing with one’s arms and legs while locking them. As the “hit the woah” trend is becoming widely popular, Paige Richey (12) “noticed that more people are following the trend.”


So… where did hitting the woah originate from? Unlike the infamous “floss” made popular by the Backpack Boy, the origin of hitting the woah is unclear. Several celebrities like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and Travis Scott, have claimed to be the “creator.” Still, it is uncertain who exactly was the “first” to hit the woah.  Although the specific origin is unclear, many are certain that the woah is a Dallas based dance craze. There is even evidence of a video in 2017 by DJ Dangerous, who gives a step by step tutorial on how to hit the woah. Not only DJ Dangerous, but also in 2017, students of Texas A&M University uploaded a video called “Hit the Woah Dance video.”


Even though the Woah existed since 2017, the popularity of hitting the woah has taken off through an app called Tik Tok. Tik Tok is similar to another famous streaming app called Musically in which creators make short skits on whatever genre. Whether it is a comedical act or lip synching to Hit or Miss, Tik Tok attracts several millenials to its platform. Hitting the woah is no different as the trend began when a couple of content creators decided to make a video featuring the dance move. In this video, there are several cuts of people hitting the woah in the midst of their daily routine. (see the attached video)


Today, even students at Yorba Linda High School are hitting the woah during break, lunch, and even during class. Just as how the dab, juju, or shoot was once popular, the “in” right now is hitting the woah.