Behind the Scenes of ComedySportz

Yes, it is a sport.

Come check out YLHS ComedySportz.

Courtesy of YLHS Theatre

Come check out YLHS ComedySportz.

Juliette Fournier, Section Editor

Laughter is the best medicine. So what better way to stay healthy than to go see YLHS ComedySportz? ComedySportz consists of a group of students whose goal is to make the audience laugh through a series of improv games. They perform once a month, on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8:30 in the Forum. They cost $5. Though students are able to see the final performances each month, few students realize just how much work goes behind each performance.


In order to sign up for ComedySportz, two practices are held at the start of the school year for anyone interested in joining. Kaitlyn Kraack (12), one of the team managers explains that the purpose of “these two weeks [is] just to feel out the team” and see which students are “interested in and willing to commit.” From then on, practices take place every Friday in the Forum from 3 to 5; they are open to those who joined the team the first or second week.


The students are split into three groups, which are different each practice to make sure “everyone gets comfortable playing” with other students. Every practice consists of “three rotations focusing on different techniques,” Kaitlyn explains. Rotations are led by Kaitlyn Kraack, Riley Pietenpol (11) (both are the team managers), and the coach Rod Bageri. These critical techniques ensure that the students are able to keep the audience engaged in every scene. They include “listening to your scene partner, C.R.O.W. (Character, Relationship, Objective, and Where you are), and making each other look good on stage.” By practicing the games that are performed at each of the shows, students are able to learn these skills as well as learn the ComedySportz games. Team managers are there to provide tips and explain how students can “improve skills.”


Since there are so many people in ComedySportz, the managers must pick the teams that will perform each month. Ms. Petz (staff) and Rod Bageri approve them. In order for everyone to be able to play, different people are chosen for each match. Usually, the managers try to “balance between different comedians: witty, charismatic, and character.” Kaitlyn Kraack gives the example of Cooper Summers (12) for the witty players, who often make “references, snippy remarks, or motifs.” Meanwhile, charismatic players, such as Will Fixa (11), can simply use a smile to “make the audience like them.” Character players bring “a detailed character to the scene”, like Andy Martinez (12). Performance at the previous practice is also taken into consideration when deciding the teams.


ComedySportz has a multitude of games to choose from for each match, including but not limited to “Four Square,” “Spelling Bee,” “Hey Waiter,” “Piano Torture,” and “Interrogation.” Maddy Fung (12) likes all the games, but she has the most fun playing “‘Whatchu Got’… It’s almost like freestyle rapping, the way we have to stay on rhythm and think of something new each time.”

The games help the students bond and simply have fun. What Kaitlyn loves the most about ComedySportz is “the people… Everyone on the team is so supportive… We all spend every Friday laughing and learning with each other… [it’s] just a really great and safe environment for people who want to learn new skills [and make] friends.”


Be sure to check out the next ComedySportz match on November 27th in the Forum to support the hilarious YLHS ComedySportz team.