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    Senior Sunset 2024

    The air crackled with a bittersweet energy as the graduating class of 2024 gathered for their Senior Sunset. The golden hues of the approaching dusk cast a warm glow on the entirety of the Shapell Stadium—a perfect backdrop for the last hurrah of a remarkable journey. Laughter mingled with the rustling of pages as classmates reconnected, yearbooks and pens clutched in hand.

    A friendly game of football erupted on one end of the field, a burst of playful energy that mirrored the excitement of approaching new beginnings. On the other side, a net sat staged, among the turf ready for a spirited spikeball match. Teams shifted and reformed with each point, the fellowship thick enough to slice.

    For those less inclined to run, a game of tag provided a nostalgic touch. The carefree shrieks of “gotcha’s” and near-misses were a reminder of childhood innocence Christianna Hawkins (12) “it was refreshing to be thrown back into a time when everything was far easier and simpler,” a reminder of the bonds made over the years. 

    It was refreshing to be thrown back into a time when everything was far easier and simpler. 

    — Christianna Hawkins (12)

    Amidst the playful chaos, a quieter scene unfolded. Clusters of friends huddled together, poring over yearbooks, laughing at pictures, and reminiscing of good—soon to be gone—times. Pencils scratched across the crisp empty white pages, leaving behind messages of well wishes and inside jokes. However, these weren’t just signatures; they were proof to shared memories and secrets whispered.

    As the sun dipped lower and lower, painting the sky in vibrant streaks of orange and yellow, everyone gravitated towards their own spots along the field. In this shared moment of contemplation, emotions shimmered in the fading light. There was excitement for the future, with a touch of sadness at leaving behind a familiar world.

    But the sadness wouldn’t linger for long. Cameras clicked as friends captured these last moments together. Silly poses, heartfelt hugs—each photo a piece of a story forever etched in time or just our phones.

    The conversation flowed as freely as the laughter. College plans were dissected and dissected again, anxieties soothed by shared experiences. Dreams were established and shared, futures envisioned, and supportive hugs on the back exchanged.

    For the seniors the night wasn’t just about endings; it was about beginnings too. The beginning of new chapters, new friendships forged in distant college towns, and the promise of reunions filled with stories and laughter. As the last embers of the sunset dissipated, one thing was for sure—the bonds formed these past four years would last, a testament to the shared journey of their senior year.

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    About the Contributor
    Nikole Galea
    Nikole Galea, Photojournalist
    Nikole Galea is a senior here at Yorba Linda High School and is immensely excited about her return to The Wrangler. Due to her love of athletics, Nikole takes part in lacrosse and track. She lives a chaotic and fast-paced lifestyle, which makes her thrilled to add photojournalism to it. Nikole is in her final year at the Mustang Business Academy and is eager to build and promote this student-run business. Nikole plans to use journalism to spread the "good news" in her final year of high school and hopefully in college.

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