So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Finale Recap


Adam Rose

Lex hugs Gaby after winning this season.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

The biggest dance show on TV, So You Think You Can Dance, just wrapped up its 14th consecutive season on Fox. According to TV by the Numbers, the dance show reeled in a whopping 1.91 million viewers. Finalists on the show include Lex Ishimoto, Koine Iwasaki, Kiki Nyemchek, and Taylor Sieve. Many YLHS students tuned in for a captivating night of dance and entertainment. There were a lot of influential dances, so a recap is in action.

The finale featured all the dancers and all stars in the top 10. Before performing any dances, Cat Deeley sat down with the top four and discussed some highlights of the season. Koine, became emotional and cried for all the work she had done, Taylor talked about her insecurities, and Kiki and Lex were both pleased with their time on the show. Changing things up, each judge picked out two memorable pieces (TV Line).

There were some standout routines during the show. Choreographed by Mia Michaels, the top 10 and All-Stars performed a stunning contemporary piece, that was to the song “Hyper-Ballad (Paky Di Maio Remix)” by Paola Canestrelli. Receiving a standing ovation by the crowd and judges, the routine was filled with beautiful lines and told a story. Another standout dance was one performed by Ishimoto and Travis Wall. It was a Shaping Sound duet from Travis’ company where Lex was fighting himself in the mirror (Entertainment Weekly). On the other hand, the most surprising routine was one performed by judge, Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens teamed up with All-Star Robert for a duet. “Reminding Me” by Shawn Hook, featuring Hudgens, was the song performed to in this stellar duet, choreographed by Mandy Moore.

It was results time and Nyemchek was called in fourth place. Following that result, Sieve was announced as the third place winner. Towards the conclusion of the show, the last two dancers remaining were Ishimoto and Iwasaki. Deeley then called them to the stage and announced who had won the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.” Congratulations to OC native Lex for taking the crown, leaving Koine as runner-up.

So You Think You Can Dance, in particular, inspires thousands of dancers, just like Lex, to follow their dreams. Agreeing with that notion, YLHS Dance Company member Zachary Hernandez (10), says that “the show is a great outlet for aspiring dancers to follow their dreams and get their name out there.” The show was very entertaining to the homes in America and now concludes another great year of dance.