Farewell Summer, Hello School

Emily Ito , Photojournalist

Trading in beach blankets and flip-flops for pencils and paper signifies the conclusion of summer break and the beginning of a new school year.  Goodbye lazy summer days spent on family vacations, sleeping-in close to noontime, and hanging out with friends at the beach and waterparks.  Hello school and to buying back-to-school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, and calculators, shopping for school clothes, and, best of all, catching up with old friends who may have grown an inch or two taller over the past couple of months. Despite this annual cycle of mixed emotions, these feelings of disappointment of summer ending and angst of school starting always seem brand new though expected each year. 

It is probably safe to say that most students look forward to summer, with its hot sunny days meant for fun and relaxation.  It is a well-deserved break from 10 months of homework and cramming for exams. Summertime also provides opportunity, without pressures of schoolwork, to learn new hobbies, sharpen skills for sports or prepare for the SATs.  It is additionally the perfect time to reflect on goals for the upcoming school year.

However, for some students, the upcoming school year brings on fear and anxiety.  It may present new and unfamiliar classmates and teachers and possibly new and challenging coursework.  Jayden Hawley (10) agrees when she expresses that she feels “anxious about what this new year holds for me and all the stress that schoolwork and extracurriculars entail.”  Her worries are not uncommon and, most likely, shared with the majority of students across the country.

Yet, an optimistic outlook may easily alleviate such worries.  Corinne Green (10) appears positive when she states, “I’m ready to see my friends again and get back into the routine of school and sports.” Looking forward to studying new subjects, playing a favorite sport or instrument, and developing new friendships bring feelings of challenge, excitement, and hope, and, thus, the potential of a bright new school year.  Take one day at a time and use the new school year to learn, grow personally, and foster friendships.  

So, a bittersweet farewell to summer, replete with cherished memories and fun times, and hello to school with all its possibilities ready to present themselves.  The body and soul, refreshed by summer, are ready to embark on a new school year.  But, in 10 short months, the lure of summer will be right back ready for students’ eager embrace.