Athletic Republic

Athletic Republic

Ryan Birchfield, Photojournalist

Athletic Republic Promises Improved Season for Girl’s Soccer and Volleyball.


Today’s athletes push their bodies to maximum performance, and now more than ever, it is critical that the athlete’s conditioning be as safe and effective as possible. Most coaches will say that injuries to their players is one of their biggest concerns.  With the help of Athletic Republic, our Girl’s Soccer and Girl’s Volleyball teams are reaching new levels of performance and fitness, and are taking measures to avoid season-ending injuries.


The Athletic Republic training center sends a trainer every Monday and Wednesday.  According to Devon Morones (12), captain of the girls’ soccer team, they are “working muscles that we don’t normally use to prevent tears.  [We do] lots of injury prevention”. Tears can be painful and put a player out for the season, so by using these muscles and improving their overall conditioning, Athletic Republic is making sure that our athletes stay fit and uninjured.  Ms. Chavez, head women’s volleyball coach, agreed with this statement, and said that “[AthleticRepublic] will help injury prevention.”


However, injury prevention isn’t the only reason the school decided to try out Athletic Republic.  Devon Morones also stated that she “noticed that we’re getting stronger.”  Similarly, Ms. Chavez has noticed that she’s seen “a little more coordination” from her athletes.  However, she did add that the results were inconclusive since they have only been using Athletic Republic for a month or so.  She was cautiously optimistic about the new conditioning program, and said that for real results “we’ll [have to] see next year.”