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Ryan Birchfield
Ryan Birchfield is a tenth grader at YLHS. His favorite subject is English because he loves reading and experiencing literature. His hobbies and interests include volunteering at the Yorba Linda Public Library and being a member of the Boy Scouts of America. In his free time, he gets ahead on school work and watches movies. He decided to join newspaper because it gives him an outlet for his writing.

Ryan Birchfield, Photojournalist

Jun 03, 2015
The Briefcase (Story)
May 14, 2015
End of the Universe? (Story)
May 05, 2015
Lost Letters of the Alphabet (Story)
Apr 30, 2015
Be a Smarter Reader (Story)
Apr 30, 2015
Losing Wisdom (Story)
Apr 14, 2015
150 Years Later (Story)
Mar 19, 2015
Fanfiction (Story)
Mar 12, 2015
A Series of Unfortunate Events TV Show? (Story)
Mar 02, 2015
Speech and Debate (Story)
Feb 20, 2015
Suspicious Sequel (Story)
Dec 26, 2014
Christmas Customs (Story)
Dec 08, 2014
#alexfromtarget (Story)
Dec 08, 2014
A Laugh a Minute (Story)
Dec 03, 2014
Science Fiction Becomes Fact (Story)
Oct 07, 2014
Athletic Republic (Story)
Sep 23, 2014
The Giver Movie Review (Story)
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Ryan Birchfield