Chance the Rapper Uses Birthday Celebration for Charity


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Chance the Rapper with his Harold’s Chicken Shack cake which @batterbear91 (on Instagram) made for his birthday.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Fame can make people do numerous unnecessary things, but for one particular celebrity, fame means giving back to his community. Chance the Rapper had his 24th birthday celebration on Sunday, April 16. He held this special celebration at Studio Paris Nightclub in Chicago, in which he took this opportunity to raise $100,000 for his charity, SocialWorks, which focuses on empowering youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth in Chicago (Complex).

Chance himself sent out invites for “Chance the Birthday,” which was his event that helped benefit his own nonprofit organization, SocialWorks. For the event, fans of his were able to attend his celebration and watch him perform. He sold tickets whose prices ranged from $100 to $2,500 for both general admission and VIP seating. Although these costs were a reach, it was all for a good cause. Luckily, many of Chance’s following pulled through and every ticket was sold. This helped him raise a lot of money for the organization (NY Daily News). Fellow student, Cheryl Pham (10) admits that she loves Chance’s music, but also how he “creates a more positive and optimistic outlook on certain things and does actions for the greater good.” She also adds, “He should keep doing what he is doing with charity work and helping kids in Chicago.”

Besides Chance himself actually performing, he had special guests such as Ludacris and T-Pain along with Sesame Street’s Big Bird. He celebrated with a couple of friends who are also in the music industry and whom he has also worked on songs with, such as Towkio, Eryn Allen Kane, The Social Experiment, Noname and much more. According to a managing partner of Studio Paris, R.J. Melman admits that “the night was a huge success with Chance’s ability to rally the community to donate for a great cause.” He then adds, “We are proud to play a part in it and are honored to have been chosen by Chance as the place to throw his party” (Page Six).

Chance the Rapper is a respectable and honored, young music artist. He is well appreciated and is not selfish with his fame. It is deemed that he highly influences kids these days to live up to their dreams and make something good out of it. He sets an amazing example for the youth out there and is able to bring such a huge community together. Overall, his acts of kindness should not be overlooked, but instead followed.