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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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NASA  “We Are Going” Video (photo courtesy of NASA)

NASA Releases “We Are Going” Video Previewing Upcoming Mission The Next Step in Space Exploration

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist June 5, 2019

Recently, NASA released a video titled “We Are Going.” The video previews an upcoming mission to station an orbiting platform at the moon and to harness the resources on the moon for greater exploratory...

Instagram’s new test shows that only the user who made the post will be able to access their like count. (Courtesy of

Instagram taking the Social Pressure out of Social Media

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist May 28, 2019

Recently, there have been rumors spreading that Instagram is going to test hiding the like counts on users’ pages. Adam Mosseri, the current Head of Instagram, has confirmed this rumor at Facebook’s...

Courtney Huitt (12), Alli Provenzano (12). Michelle Quinn (12), and Payton Janish wear their college gear to celebrate college decision day.

The Next Step for Seniors

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist May 28, 2019

As the school year comes to an end, YLHS seniors have to start making plans for their future after high school because although it may feel like it occasionally, high school does not last forever. The...

College wait-lists are basically the purgatory of the college admissions process.

Wait-lists: the Purgatory of the College Admissions Process

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist May 14, 2019

After college admissions letters came out in March, many students came to find out that they had been wait-listed at some colleges. This means that the particular student has not yet been formally accepted...

College acceptance rates have dropped significantly over the years.

College Acceptance Rates Dropping in the Wake of College Admissions Scandal

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist April 30, 2019

The anticipated month of March has come and gone for the seniors here at YLHS who were waiting to hear back from their “dream” colleges. College admission letters have just come back and the acceptances...

Peacock (Staff) gets in the spirit of the annually held Pi Day by wearing his pi shirt.

Teacher of the Year: Mr. Peacock

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist April 9, 2019

This past Friday, March 29, ASB held the Renaissance Rally honoring students for their academic, athletic, and service achievements. Also announced was the teacher of the year, voted for by the students...

This winning poster poster for Pi Day incorporates art and math by showcasing an artistic interpretation of pi.

Pi Day

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist April 2, 2019

March 14 is one of the student’s favorite day at YLHS, also known as Pi Day. Students celebrate at lunch by eating pie and participating in other Pi Day festivities in order to honor the mathematical...

Players from the baseball team pose proudly in front of the Welcome to the Angel Stadium sign.

Victory at the Angel Stadium

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist April 2, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, YLHS hosted El Dorado at the Anaheim Angel Stadium for a Century Conference game. YLHS and El Dorado students gathered at the stadium at 7 p.m. to watch Sam Mueller (12) throw the first...

Mustangs are greatly encourages to “run with the STAMPEDE” .

Horse Power

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist March 26, 2019

During their time at YLHS, students become very familiar with the slogan “run with the STAMPEDE.” But what does it really mean to “run with the STAMPEDE”? This statement is more than just a clever...

This season of The Bachelor was filled with tears, drama, and classic cat-fights.

Behind the Scenes “Secrets” of The Bachelor

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist March 19, 2019

The Bachelor has become a very popular guilty pleasure reality television show among students at YLHS. Known for its tears, drama, and quite deceiving previews (thanks to the editing team), it is difficult...

Alli Provenzano (12) is a track star here at YLHS.

Student Spotlight: Alli Provenzano

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist March 12, 2019

With the sound of the gunshot, signaling the start of the race, Alli Provenzano (12) is off sprinting, her cleats digging into the synthetic track for grip, propelling her forward with every stride. Baton...

Lily Johnson (11) and her team Beat 41 are excited to start their fundraising campaign to help fund a the search for a cure for cancer.

Beat 41: Lily Johnson’s Mission to Help Fund a Cure for Cancer

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist March 5, 2019

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the “world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer” ( Their mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease...

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