Teacher of the Year: Mr. Peacock


Courtney Huitt

Peacock (Staff) gets in the spirit of the annually held Pi Day by wearing his pi shirt.

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist

This past Friday, March 29, ASB held the Renaissance Rally honoring students for their academic, athletic, and service achievements. Also announced was the teacher of the year, voted for by the students of Yorba Linda High School. This year, Mr. Peacock (Staff) was honored with the teacher of the year award.

For almost the past decade, Peacock has worked in the math department at YLHS as an AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC teacher. For most of the past years, not all students were lucky enough to have Peacock as a teacher unless they were to reach the calculus level of math in high school as upperclassmen. However this year, Peacock is also teaching Algebra I, building strong foundations in math in the underclassmen so they will be prepared when reaching higher levels.

Peacock is a beloved teacher here at YLHS by his math students as he is able to make math, a notoriously confusing and complicated subject, easier to tackle and understand. Michelle Quinn (12), a current AB student, shares that Mr. Peacock always brightens up her days before class because “he always stands outside the door before class and says good morning to the students as they are walking in.” Also, whenever Quinn wears her Dunder Mifflin shirt, referencing the TV show The Office, he always tells her that “it is the best shirt he has ever seen” so he is “definitely the biggest The Office fan” which Quinn reveals that she really “respects”. Quinn adds that “Peacock always makes time for his students and takes time to make sure that everyone is doing okay with the material and that the stress level of the students is not too high.”

Furthermore, Bryce Vogel (12), currently taking BC, states that he likes Peacock as a teacher because he is “not only an excellent math teacher but also a super easy going and funny guy.” Vogel also says he wishes that he was able to have Peacock as his teacher for all four years of high school.

Students also always praise Peacock on his ability to make learning calculus not only possible for students but also somehow easy; “Mr. Peacock really makes learning math fun,” Alli Provenzano (12) shares, “I never thought calculus could be so easy to learn, but with Mr. Peacock teaching, everything really clicks.” Lauren Bui (12) agrees and says that she likes Peacock because “he makes learning hard concepts fun by adding jokes to his lessons.” Bui also states that she always looks forward to the “fun extra credit questions he adds at the end of his tests.”

After having Peacock as a math teacher for the past two years, Ryan Connally (12) adds that Peacock “he creates an academic and friendly environment in his classroom where students are eager to learn and share ideas with their classmates.” Moreover, Cole Robinson (12), another two-year student, says that he looks up to Peacock because he is a “very humble and honorable man.” Robinson continues that “he also finds a way to simplify advanced levels of math.” Amaya Colburn (12) agrees that Peacock is an excelled teacher and explains how “he is always willing to answer questions and finds unique ways to teach us new concepts and makes sure that we remember them.”

Thank you Peacock for continuing to be an outstanding math teacher that students continuously commend and congratulations for receiving the teacher of the year award!