The Next Step for Seniors


Tiffany Vo (12)

Courtney Huitt (12), Alli Provenzano (12). Michelle Quinn (12), and Payton Janish wear their college gear to celebrate college decision day.

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist

As the school year comes to an end, YLHS seniors have to start making plans for their future after high school because although it may feel like it occasionally, high school does not last forever. The class of 2019 have bright futures ahead to look forward to. For a breakdown, 56 percent of students are attending a four year college, 40 percent are attending a two year college, three percent are entering straight into work, one percent will be attending a trade school, one percent are entering the military, one percent are going on a mission trip, and one percent are still deciding. Although statistics can only tell so much; where exactly will our Mustangs be going and what are they planning to do specifically?

To begin, Michelle Quinn (12) will be attending Dartmouth College and is going to double major in computer science and economics. Her future plans include “competing on the track and field team at Dartmouth, studying abroad, and getting [her] masters degree in Master of Engineering and Management.”

Alli Provenzano (12) will be going to the University of Colorado, Boulder and will be majoring in accounting. She plans on graduating with a master’s degree and she hopes to return back to California to work after college.

Jacob Padgett (12) will be attending Arizona State University in the fall and will major in construction management. Padgett plans on taking over his father’s business in the future.

Sara Godfrey (12) is planning on attending UC Irvine and will most likely major in Biology. Godfrey wants to continue her education to PA school so she can become a physician’s assistant.

Allison Sturms (12) is going to Fullerton Junior College straight from high school as a business major. She hopes to then continue her education by transferring to a university in California. Sturms is considering San Diego State University, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara.

Jake Mortensen (12) is going to attend University of Oregon next year to major in business administration and possibly minoring in either communications or sports business. Mortensen says that he wants to join a fraternity at UO and is excited to room with his best friend Chase Brannon (12) in college.

Payton Janish (12) will be going to Southern Methodist University in the fall to major in electrical engineering. She plans on then attending graduate school and in the future Janish mentions how she “would like to do something in the realm of biomedical engineering, either design or research on biomedical devices or possibly patton law.” Janish shares how she is very interested in the area of neuroscience and that one thing that she likes about the electrical side of biomedical engineering is the application to neuroscience.

Tyler Padgett (12) will be attending San Diego State University next year to major in computer science. After graduating, Padgett plans on going to law school.

Tiffany Vo (12) is planning on going to UC Irvine and will be majoring in psychology to become a psychologist.

Rianna Patel (12) is going to attend the University of Florida as an English and political science major. She also wants to attend law school after graduating.

Corbin Thaete (12) is going to Cal State San Marcos where he is going to play soccer and major in cognitive science. After college, Thaete is planning on going into the police academy and getting a job as a police officer.

Lauren Bui (12) will be attending UC Los Angeles is the fall. She will either major in biology, neuroscience, or cognitive science to follow the pre-med track. Bui wants to then attend medical school and become a doctor.

Emma Davidson (12) will be going to UC Berkeley where she will be most likely majoring in integrative biology as well as competing on the UC Berkeley swim team. In the future, Davidson says that she probably wants to continue her education onto graduate school. Although she is not completely sure, Davidson shares that she might want to do nursing or something else involving medicine. As for her swim career, Davidson dreams of possibly attending the Olympics.

As can be seen, the class of 2019 are making big plans for themselves in the future. The future looks bright for YLHS Mustangs! No matter where or how far our seniors go, once a Mustang, always a Mustang.