Evelyn Chan, Photojournalist

Brace yourselves, it’s that time of year again – October: the month of sweets, treats, and tricks; but more importantly, HOMECOMING! For all of you who are unaware of this yearly dance, whether you grab a date or go with a group of friends, Homecoming is a time to get all dressed up and ready to party! And of course, to break out all those dance moves you perfected at the Welcome Back dance.

So, to help you all get inspired to ask that cutie you’ve been eyeing since the day school started, here are the top ten most popular homecoming proposals:


  1. The Love Lecture: Better known as the “Smart Board Asking,” this version of asking requires a little pre-planning with the teacher to include the Homecoming Proposal somewhere in the day’s lecture. Usually, the question itself is found either at the end of a powerpoint or just up on the screen ready to surprise the lucky student as she/he walks in.
  2. The Traditional: Don’t feel like going all out? There’s always the simple and sweet option of picking up some flowers or sweets to present to the lucky student you’d like to be your date. An adorable smile and a nice treat are always a nice bet on scoring a date!
  3. The Athletic Asking: Now this Homecoming Proposal can go one of two ways. The first option is to go the punny route, and come up with a sports pun to ask a sporty student. For example: present them with a sports ball and a poster that reads, “Will you kick it with me at Homecoming?”) It’s a sure way to get to an athlete’s heart! OR, if neither of you guys are athletic, you can take this asking in a different direction – at a YLHS sport’s tournament! With the both of you on the sidelines, you’ll even get to enjoy their company for the rest of the game!
  4. The Punny Proposal: A play on words never fails to amuse, and even if the person you ask declines, you’ll both have something to laugh about! But of course he/she probably won’t say no —  with the perfect bouquet of flowers or treats and candy to go along with a punny poster, your date will be all yours!
  5. The Delicious Date: Everyone knows, a way to a person’s heart is always…FOOD! Bring them some In-N-Out burgers and fries, Krispy Kreme donuts, or whatever their favorite food is, and that student will definitely be yours for Homecoming!

Of course, if these options don’t sound appealing to you, no worries! Next week there will be a whole new list of them. We’re talking the Disney proposals, the Ultimate asking, the True Love analogies, and many more! Until then, which was your favorite Homecoming proposal? Sound off in the comments below. Better yet, post your own ideas, we’d love to hear!


On a final note, here’s a friendly reminder from your ASB twins Lily and Lizzie Clark (11), “Make sure to watch Mustang Mix on Thursday for the theme reveal of homecoming! Get ready for homecoming season and start thinking of ways to ask your date! Tickets are on sale this week and don’t forget to come to the spirit week rally on the 24th ‘cuz it’s going to be a crazy game against Esperanza!”