Turn Around Season for the Lakers


Photo courtesy of NBA. The Lakers are having an average season, but this is surprising after their large struggles last season.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

After a disappointing season in 2015 to 2016, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to change it up this season. Under head coach Luke Walton, the Lakers have been off to a surprisingly decent start.

Currently the Lakers are eighth in the western Conference. The Lakers have been able to maintain a .500 winning percentage this season (currently holding a ten and ten record) after rebounding from a .207 (seventeen and sixty-five record) in the 2015-2016 season. One year prior, the 2014-2015 season, the Lakers had the worst season in franchise history, but they have only continued to improve since.

During the 2016 offseason the Lakers experienced many changes to the team, which  has been attributed as a cause of their success. Former Laker superstar Kobe Bryant retired at the end of last which has allowed other players, such as twelve year veteran Luol Deng, to step up and take on a leadership role. In addition to the new leadership by the players, the Los Angeles Lakers are also under the direction of a new head coach, Luke Walton. Walton is in his first season as a head coach, after previously serving as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. Walton is familiar with the Lakers organization after playing for them for ten seasons and capturing two NBA championship rings.

The Lakers roster has many youthful players on the court this season. D’Angelo Russell, 2015 first round draft pick, has been averaging over sixteen points per a game and has greatly contributed to the Lakers average of 106.6 points scored per a game. On defense, Julius Randle has been averaging 8.9 rebounds per a game during his second season (NBA).

Despite their team’s struggles, Lakers fans have continued to remain loyal and dedicated. When asked about the Lakers performance this year, Ravi Patel (12) responded, “I heard the Lakers were supposed to be one of the worst team in the league this year, but they are surprising everyone, and actually winning some games. I mean they did beat the Golden State Warriors by more than twenty points earlier this season and the Warriors are the NBA defending champions. I am excited to see them doing better. However, I do not predict they will win a championship this year, but I know they are improving and should have an exciting season. Despite their struggles in the past,  I continue to watch their games and root for them. The Lakers are my basketball team.”

Even if the Lakers do not win an NBA championship this season, it will still be a more exciting and hopeful season than the past.