‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ Review


Ouija: Origin of Evil; photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Ouija: Origin of Evil is genuinely bone-chilling. This horror sequel is packed with even more imagination and scares than its predecessor. The director, Mike Flanagan is excellent and clearly showed his talent in this creepy horror film. The performances by the actors were great and the visuals were pretty well done. In my opinion, it may even be the biggest surprise hit of the year.


Ouija: Origin of Evil takes place in 1967 and is about a fake medium, Alice, whose house is rigged with trickery to fool customers. Her younger sisters hide in the background and work the special effects. The opening scene accomplishes a lot, providing many jump scares and also shows the bond of the Zander family.


After that, there are not many scares that happen for a while. The movie goes on to tell the day-to-day concerns of the different members of the family. The widowed Alice is worried about keeping her house that her dead husband struggled to buy. Doris, her youngest daughter, is bullied at school because of her mom’s job. The oldest daughter, Lina, has a crush on a boy, Mikey who is the one who inspires Lina to tell Alice to incorporate and Ouija board into her act. Alice ends up buying a board, and we learn the three rules that you know will be violated: Don’t play alone, don’t play in a graveyard, and always say goodbye to whatever it was you were talking to on the board.


Of course, Doris takes the board and plays alone because all scary movies need a scary little girl. After that, Doris starts to have a real connection to the spirit world and ends up being possessed by a very creepy-looking entity. This is when the movie becomes more concerned with delivering familiar scares rather than suspense.


“I found the conclusion to be shocking. That final moment before the credits role can easily be one of the scariest movie moments,” said Arezu Monshizadeh (10) when I asked her what she thought of the movie.


Ouija: Origin of Evil is probably the best horror movie I have ever watched and also the scariest. I have seen dozens of horror movies, but this one left me shaking. Also, it actually made me care about the characters and pull me in with its fascinating story. I give it a 10/10 and would definitely recommend it to people who love being frightened to their core.