A Club For Bread?


Photo Courtesy of thegoodshoppingguide.com

Since Bread Club officers have not been assigned yet, this is a picture of bread for Bread Club.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Students around Yorba Linda High School know of many clubs, such as the Spanish Club, Red Cross, Humane Society, WE Club, Key Club and numerous others. There is a great variety and clubs can range from being learning related to being carefree and fun. In fact, one carefree club that students around the school should be informed about is Bread Club.


You may be wondering, what even is Bread Club? Well, this year is in fact Bread Club’s debut year, as it was established around late September of 2016. In bread club, most people come for their love for bread or even so, they may be bread enthusiasts. Additionally, bread club is here to recognize its greatness, and yes, this is like one of those enjoyable clubs to attend around school and people will surely appreciate it.


Sophomores here at YLHS, Maddox Nieto and Lauren Bui, founded this special club due to their love for bread. Along with a couple other friends who encouraged them and supported them, they finally decided to push through and create the club. For the future, the founders are thinking about possibly doing a bread drive for those who do not have food to eat on their plate every day. This will serve as a donation process, kind of similar to our canned food drive here at YLHS. Surely, bread will expire as time flies, but they figured they will work something out for later.


During future meetings, everyone will be able to eat bread together, as if it were a feast with your family on Thanksgiving. Other than eating bread, everyone will have a chance to make new friends and socialize better. Clubs like these can help students make new friends with the same interests. “I feel super ecstatic for what Bread Club has to offer. Personally, I love bread a whole lot and the fact that there is actually a Bread Club here makes me happy,” confesses Emma Muresan (10).


Although, Bread Club has not yet assembled their first meeting date quite yet, they are in the midst of gaining a group of officers for the club. They will be holding interviews for anyone who wants to sign up to be a part of Bread Club, so come join if you love bread! Of course, if you want to join, just text @ylhsbread to 81010 to receive reminders of when meeting dates are set and any updates for this club.