Link Crew Movie Night

photo taken from back of Link Crew T-Shirt by Lily Rajaee

photo taken from back of Link Crew T-Shirt by Lily Rajaee

Lily Rajaee, Editor

Link Crew just hosted another successful movie night at YLHS, and kicked off the year with a whole lot of fun and good times. The Link Crew leaders and advisors worked hard to organize a fun night that would be enjoyable for both the leaders and the students who attended.


The movie night was held on Thursday, September 29th, and began at 5:30 with snacks and refreshments. What was unique about this movie night was that Link Crew actually managed to get a Mustache Mikes truck come to campus and serve Italian Ice. Mustangs got to choose from a variety of flavors, and received the cup of Italian Ice for FREE. What could be better than this? Link Crew also was handing out free waters and popcorn on your way inside the Forum theater. Surely, they were keen on the idea of making sure each attendee was satisfied with their stomaches.


Sidney Tran (12) said that she thought “it was really nice how thoughtful and how generous the Link Crew board was in planning this night.” Each set of Link Crew leaders invited their designated group of Freshmen students to come and enjoy a few hours of fun with their leaders and friends. All students are welcome to attend; however, the main purpose of this event was to make the new students feel welcome on their new campus.


School is a great way to get to know new people, but sometimes it is difficult to get to know people in an academic setting. That is why Link Crew focuses on creating fun events like the movie night in order to provide opportunities for students to simply let loose and be comfortable talking to new people.


The movie started at 6:30 and was featuring Zootopia, a new movie about a kingdom in which the animals learned to coexist. This animation  is an action-packed, lighthearted movie that people of all ages enjoyed. The forum was packed with students who were simply having a good time. The laughter could be heard from around the theater, and that is what made the night truly special.


Link Crew is planning to have another movie night later this year, so pay attention to announcements and make sure to come to the next one! Bring your friends and make it a fun night. Everyone could use a couple hours of laughter during a busy school week of stress and studying.