Return of the Rams


It’s been a long 21 years since the Rams left L.A., but now they’re back and stronger than ever. There has been much excitement for the return of L.A.’s favorite football team as the start of the NFL season has officially begun.

Over the summer, the Rams had the pleasure to be the featured team on this year’s television series of “Hard Knocks”, a reality show that documents a team’s training camp and their preparation for the upcoming NFL season. To help excite fans, the Rams held their training camp this year at UC Irvine, where there was a huge turnout. Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher said that “[he] was looking forward to training camp at UCI and preparing for the NFL season” ( The Rams were in training camp for about three weeks, with each day focusing on strengthening different parts of the team. As the 2016 NFL season is starting up, so is the construction of the “City of Champions” stadium. The new NFL stadium has begun construction in Inglewood, California, and is to be completed in 2019. Until then, the Rams’ home games will be held at the Coliseum.

Coming into their first year as a new team, the Rams started off with a pretty good preseason. They won their first big game against the Cowboys 28-24, won their second game against the Chiefs 21-20, lost their third game against the Broncos 9-17, and lost their final game against the Vikings 25-27. Going into the second week of the 2016 NFL season, the Rams have had a rough start. Losing their first game against the 49ers 28-0, the Rams hopefully will come back stronger and ready to play on Sunday for their second game against the Cardinals. Also, there are high hopes for Rams quarterback and first-round draft pick Jared Goff, who hasn’t started his career off to hot. Despite his efforts in last Monday’s game, Goff will be sitting out for the next game, but returning shortly after to continue a great season. Even with the rocky start of the season, Makenna Collins (9) says “[she] is excited to see what the Rams have in stored for the rest of the season, and that they have a great first year being back in L.A.”

Following their next game against the Cardinals, the Rams have some tough teams in store for them. As they continue to enhance their skills and plays, the Rams have an excellent season ahead of them.