Bachelor in Paradise


Engaged Couples on Bachelor in Paradise 3 (Photo Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter)

The third season of the hit show Bachelor in Paradise recently wrapped up this past Tuesday, September 6th. The show, a spinoff from the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, concluded for the first time with multiple engagements!


The first week began with eight women and seven men: Emily and Haley Ferguson (from Ben’s season), Amanda Stanton (Ben), Jubilee Sharpe (Ben), Izzy Goodkind (Ben), Sarah Herron (Sean’s season, BIP 1), Carly Waddell (Chris’ season, BIP 2), Evan Bass (JoJo’s season), Grant Kemp (JoJo), Daniel Maguire (JoJo), Vinny Venteria (JoJo), Nick Viall (Andi and Kaitlyn’s season), Jared Haibon (Kaitlyn’s season, BIP 2), and even the infamous Chad Johnson, the villain from JoJo’s season.


Night one included “Hurricane Chad” and “Hurricane Lace,” as the two initially hit it off. Their “relationship” was very rocky and up and down, with the two switching between hitting and insulting each other and kissing each other. Chad, heavily intoxicated, managed of course to offend every single person in the house with his derogatory and misogynistic comments. The very next morning, host Chris Harrison had to intervene to kick Chad out of paradise. After his departure, the couples truly began to form. The initial pairs included Vinny and Izzy, Grant and Lace, Nick and Amanda, and Carly and Evan.


Although the show portrayed the couples staying there for six weeks, in reality, the contestants stayed in Mexico for only eighteen days, which makes the three engagements very surprising. By episode two, Josh Murray (Andi Dorfman’s ex fiancé) arrived in paradise and immediately caused trouble. Josh and Nick already began to butt heads, and Josh’s character became an on-going issue throughout the season, as people questioned what was said about him in Andi’s book. However, Josh asked Amanda on the date and once again stole Nick’s girl. The two were inseparable for the rest of the season.


Evan took Carly out on a date, where they broke the Guinness World Record for the longest kiss after eating a jalapeño. After this dreadful date, where Carly threw up, Carly decided that she did not view Evan in a romantic light and subsequently ended things with him. However, Evan, always the hopeless romantic, decided to fake an injury in order to spend the day with Carly in the hospital. After this unusual series of events, Carly and Evan became one of the solid couples.


The other couples from this point were Vinny and Izzy and Grant and Lace, whose couple name is adorably, Grace. Vinny and Izzy seemed to be one of those couples who would get engaged at the end of the season; however, enter Brett, the lamp guy from Andi’s season. Izzy saw Brett and immediately began to question her connection with Vinny. She described Brett as “the perfect looking guy for her.” After telling Vinny about the immediate physical attraction she felt when Brett entered paradise, Vinny packed up and left.


By episode three, the new arrivals were Caila Quinn (Ben’s season), Jen Saviano (Ben), and Ashley Iaconetti (Chris’ season, BIP 2). Caila instantly grabed Jared’s attention, and the two went on a romantic horse back ride along the beach. When they return, everyone could tell just how much Jared liked Caila. However, Ashley I was still “in love” with Jared and could not overcome her obsession. She subsequently continued to cry and cry and try to tell Jared again and again how Caila is disingenuous and does not truly care about him at all. Sick of the drama Ashley I. continued to bring to paradise, Caila decides to leave. However, plot twist, Jared ran after her and left with her. The two tried to maintain their relationship in real life but eventually broke up.


The other new arrival, Jen, took Nick out on the date. The two hit it off and become coupled up all the way until the end. However, Jen felt that Nick continued to have a wall up as a result of his previous two breakups on national television. This divide ultimately proved to break the couple up on the final episode. Jen, who claimed to have fallen in love with Nick, was completely blindsided when he decided to not propose to her.


The final remaining couples were Amanda and Josh, Carly and Evan, and Grant and Lace. Grant and Lace opted to receive matching “Grace” tattoos on their final date. Grant proposed and the two are now living in San Francisco. Josh also proposed to Amanda, and he moved to Orange County to live with her and her two girls. Carly and Evan, the weird couple, cemented their relationship after a series of dates that included a strange Native American ritual ceremony and a body painting session. Evan proposed to Carly and the two are living in Nashville. She has met his three sons and is extremely excited to get married to Evan in the near future.


When asked about all these engagements, Carly Jenican (12) stated, “To be honest this season wasn’t as good as the past season. I felt like there wasn’t a great couple to root for. There was no Jade and Tanner. Only Amanda and Josh (who I don’t trust).” As previously stated, these couples did not have an extensive relationship before the show ultimately forced them to get engaged. Whether or not any of these three couples get married in the end like last season’s success story, Jade and Tanner, remains to be seen. Hopefully all six individuals find love and happiness, but for now, we all must wait to see! In the meantime, we can all watch as Nick Viall hopefully does not become the runner up in his season on the The Bachelor.