Spotlight on Yearbook

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

Drowning in deadlines, pictures, events and clubs to recognize, the yearbook class has broken the surface and taken a breath of sanity. As deadlines approached the yearbook class scrambled to add final touches to the 2016-2017 student yearbook. Students have put in endless hours into editing and creating a book to reminisce on this past year’s memories. Finally the yearbook has been completed and the class has taken their first breath of accomplishment.


Students in this class learn countless publication skills. Students are assigned specific pages to create. Then, students apply their acquired editing and photoshop skills to create an aesthetically pleasing yearbook. This class enables students to work together and become active members on campus. Due to the fact the yearbook covers a majority of the school year, yearbook students are frequently found at events snapping pictures to document. The entire student publications program is lead and taught by Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Sarah Shay.


This class is “a great way to get involved on campus”, explains Nathan Shube (12). As well as becoming involved on campus Nathan has also found it to be, “a fun class and way to make your mark on campus” as this publication will be stored in the hearts and homes of hundreds of students at Yorba Linda High for many years to come.


At the prom rally, YLHS yearbook honored Mrs. Sharon Farrell to receive this year’s yearbook dedication. Mrs. Farrell is a very active role on campus as she teaches 5 classes of honors biology, coaches Softball and advises on campus clubs.


Similar to AP testing after crunch time creeps up and passes students after are entitled to finish off the year enjoying leisure activities after putting in copious amounts of time and effort. After submitting the final draft of the most bought book on campus, the students are relieved of their duties and are awarded with accomplishment.


Overall the yearbook class at Yorba Linda High School is an ideal opportunity for students to expand their school wide involvement and gain countless work skills. Yearbook is similar to a family. A family who creates and stores the memories of this school year for all to remember and cherish. 20 years later students and teacher can access this book to reflect on this school year and all the cherished memories that return to them will be all derived from the hard work of the 2016-2017 yearbook staff. To all yearbook staff, thanks for the memories!

2016-2017 Yearbook Staff
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2016-2017 Yearbook Staff