Starbucks Changing their Gold Star Membership?!

Photo Courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

The beloved Starbucks is probably the most go to place for frappuccinos, cappuccinos, and lattes for Yorba Linda high school students. Almost every morning you can spot at least 50 students with Starbucks. With Starbucks popularity, many students are part of the rewards program. Of course, the original rewards system only gave you one star per visit no matter how much money you spent, and you would have to obtain 30 stars in 12 months to get to the gold level(highest level). The gold level includes free drinks every 12 stars, free refills, and a personalized gold card. The other levels are welcome and green,which you have to go through first before getting to the gold level. Well, now you gets stars for every dollar you spend, and as soon as you join the rewards program you become a gold level member, according to Starbucks official website. Also, now you have earn 125 stars to get rewards like free drinks or free food.


Since, Starbucks introduced this new rewards system as of a few weeks ago, over 12 million people have joined the rewards program, according to Yahoo news. Many of their customers are viewing this as very positive because now it’ll be fair to people who spend $15 versus $10. Some people though who were already at the gold level are a little angry with this because it took them awhile to earn that and now anyone can easily just become a gold star member without much effort. Yes, they have earned much more members with this new system, but they have also lost many. Even Kaela Braseny (10) states “It took me almost a year to become a gold star member and then I find out about their new rewards system and I’m a little agitated”. Obviously, the gold star membership used to be a big thing and now Starbucks has ruined that.


On the other hand, many other newbies to the reward system are loving the new structure. Chloe Hoff (10) states “I bought a drink using the rewards program for the first time and I automatically became a gold member and it honestly is the best thing ever”. Clearly, the new rewards program for Starbucks has it pros and cons.